Bynum Spotting: Images of a Loon (Andrew Bynum Shoots a Basketball)

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 3.04.19 PMPhoto: 6 ABC sports producer Mark Meany

A loon has been spotted, ON A GODDAMNED BASKETBALL COURT (!!!).

Andrew Bynum took some shots following Sixers practice today. He didn’t workout with the team, but this is the first time he has shot a basketball in Philadelphia other than that time at Dave and Buster’s. So, that’s good. And he even broke a sweat, according to some reports

Bynum spoke with the media, saying that he’s running on an anti-gravity treadmill and that we should all be really excited about it. From the transcription over at the Delco Times:

Feel good out there?

“Yeah, man. Coming along well. I'm up to running now on the (anti-gravity treadmill), steady at an eight-mile-an-hour clip for 20 minutes, so that's good. I'm incorporating weights. Time to get ready –  ready to play.”

When did running start?

“Running started today. I've been jogging, but running started today. Weights, I've been doing them, but it's more explosive stuff.”


“Not on the court, but on the treadmill over there. It's starting out with a jog and then running. I haven't sprinted and stopped. Acceleration and deceleration and stuff like that, I'm still working up to that." 


Good times.


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  1. Holy fuck. It’s like the Sixers are trying to get Bill Russell back into basketball shape knowing any moment one of those knees is going to shatter like glass. Depressing.

  2. You watch, the sixers will end up resigning this lazy piece of shit bum. He’ll make it back for a few games, overall he’ll blow donkey dick but will also show flashes of dominance each game, therefore pressuring the new ownership to give him another year (or god help us, maybe more). I’m betting that he gets resigned.

  3. Just started running on an anti gravity treadmill? I’m sorry, but that IS NOT RUNNING. That’s making running motions with your legs. There is no weight on your knees and you aren’t even using your muscles. Wow. Dude is not playing any basketball this season. I wonder if the Sixers have insurance on his contract? I mean they have to right? Who knows this? Did they insure his contract or not? I don’t see how an insurer would bite on that deal, but you never know.
    Also, doesn’t the trade still save the team like 15 million dollars?

  4. stroke) with Tiger coming up to the par-5 18th hole…found out today that he birided the hole, forced a play-off and Olazabal choked on a putt for him to win. He is pretty freaking good and I am excited to see how this new points system will work. Phillies finally unloaded one of their surly tools. Got Rhodes…I guess it will help the pen…doesn’t excite me, but at this point I think any pitching help they get will be good. I am looking forward to baseball, but guess that I am a glutton for punishment. Flyers get lambasted by the Lightning and it looks like another Philly meltdown. This is getting painful. Sixers win 2 without Iverson. I just don’t get this team. They beat fairly weak teams, but lost to both previously with him. There is something wrong with that team. I just can’t figure it out. By trading him, you move your best player and a ton of points…..but this is a team in dire need of something….I don’t know what. Saw the Senior Bowl, or at least some pieces of it. The QB for Vanderbilt (Cutler) can really move the ball. He’s young but a really live arm and good size. D-Brickshaw has got good feet and I think he is going to be a stud LT. Like Charlie Whisenhunt from Clemson….arm is not as good as Cutler’s but looked good. Also heard that Robinson played well after I went out. I would draft him and make him a “Slash”….played as much attention as I could to Chad Greenway as he is a guy that the Eagles may look at. He looked okay, but it’s tough to gauge talent when you can’t have shifts, motion, trips or OLB blitzes unless it is short yardage situations.

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