Chip Kelly Still Thinks He’s a College Coach, and That’s Kinda Cool

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.11.13 AMChip Kelly with Eagles University legend Vince Papale, who was also a Habitat For Humanity team leader (photo: Eagles)

College coaches do this.

Colleges coaches talk about respected veterans coming back to “speak to the young guys.” College coaches refer to the team as “the program.” College coaches hardly decline any media requests and show up to far-flung events, because any chance to get their face in front of a camera lens – which may have an athletic 6’4, 220 Ib. high school junior connected to the other end – must be taken. College coaches talk about scheduling the best opponents. College coaches show school spirit.

Chip Kelly has done all of those things since arriving in Philadlephia less than 48 hours ago.

He repeatedly referred to the Eagles as a “program” during his press conference yesterday.

This morning, he called into WIP, telling Angelo Cataldi that he was more excited to talk to him than anyone else in the city. Kelly says he listened to WIP while recruiting in the Philly area for New Hampshire. A Red Sox fan, Kelly, who must have referenced wings 600 times during his 15-minute interview with the Morning Show, talked about how his new National League team is the Phillies. He said that the Eagles will take on any challenge and play anybody (good, because that’s what the NFL schedule makers had in mind too). He also said that he will try to attend Wing Bowl and, perhaps, the Kappa Delta ice cream social in the quad. 

He’s program building, after all.

And like I said, program builders honor respected vets. So it should come as no surprise that Kelly showed up to an event honoring Brian Dawkins at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly last night.  

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.13.53 AMChip Kelly with four-year letter winner, All-American and Academic All-American Brian Dawkins

Kelly briefly took the podium, where he said this– the same speech that, while a student at Villanova, I heard Jay Wright give every time Kerry Kittles came anywhere near campus:

“Excited to have [Dawkins] a part of the program. Going to lean on him a lot to tell our young guys exactly how the game is supposed to be played, because that guy played the game the way it was supposed to be played.”


The freshman are totally going to be in awe of Dawkins. Other young guys, like LeSean McCoy, one of the best running backs on the planet, maybe less so.

You have to respect Kelly's effort. No doubt that the Eagles PR machine (more later today on the great job they’re doing– seriously), knowing how Andy Reid was hated by basically every local media outlet, is behind much of this. But that’s OK. And it’s OK that since arriving on Wednesday night, Kelly has crossed off most of the items on his List of Philly Things: Santa Claus. Wing Bowl. Phillies. Cataldi and Papale. Showing up at Chickie’s and Pete’s to honor Brian Dawkins and talking about how the Eagles are going to play “like that guy played.” Flyers-Penguins game.

So let Kelly champion “the program” all he wants. It’s refreshing. There will be plenty of time to ask him why, in the hell, he went for it on fourth and 12. For now, let’s just keep fingers-crossed that he shows up to our charity bachelor auction at the Fieldhouse.

Watch Kelly speak about Dawkins after the jump and listen to him on the WIP Morning Show here.


20 Responses

  1. He’s just keeping up the college coach speak so he’s not out of practice when he becomes the University of Texas’ coach in 2014.

  2. So wait, is he hiring Dawkins onto the staff??
    He is the fucking man if he gives B-Dawk a spot on that coaching staff.

  3. Serious comment:
    He kind of has to build something like a program and get people/players to buy into it on a lot of levels. Have you seen the fucking Eagles lately? It’s a bunch of selfish me-first free agents who only cared about themselves and if the check was clearing every two weeks.
    The whole problem was the culture that Reid bred. No responsibility, no accountability, and bullshit “I have to do a better job” for 16 weeks. Andy did that and it fucked him in the end. Did anyone ever notice that no one on the team had captain patches like EVERY OTHER TEAM in the league? Why was that? Maybe Andy bred a culture where every assfuck in that locker room knew they didn’t have to be accountable for their poor play and poor decisions. You have Vick and Jaccpot (sic) at Meek Mill parties losing money when they’re sitting at 4-12 acting like its okay to be mediocre.
    Maybe just maybe, they need some sort of culture that is more like a family and “program”. I know its difficult to not condescend at times, but its exactly what they need. I don’t know if Kelly will be a success, but if he turns around the culture it will be no small success.

  4. Any chance the Flyers reconsider nominating Giroux as captain? What were they thinking? He’s not a veteran. Chip Kelly is a fat ass.

  5. well said, james. this team is in need of a major overhaul. they need to rid themselves of the numerous quitters and cancers on this team. early in his career, AR built a team that had character. however, much of his downfall in the later years can be attributed to his bringing in players who simply didnt care. kelly and eagles brass need to go the route the colts took this past year….42 new players are their 2012 roster. and what happened….a turnaround season of 9+ wins. yes, we do not have an andrew luck, but it can happen if you are bold enough to blow it up and smart enough while rebuilding it!

  6. Angelo is still actually on the radio? I thought that talentless local Stern wannabe dego retired. Him and Eskin should 69 themselves to death.

  7. Dawkins should be on the staff somewhere in any capacity to bring some fire back.

  8. dawkins doesnt want to be a coach. Reid offered him a job and he turned it down, reid also offered trott a job and trott said the hours were to much
    besides that great players usually dont make great coaches
    i’m looking forward to seeing how Kelly changes things about here.

  9. A guy like Dawkins wouldn’t have to be a coach to have an effect on the players. Maybe Nnamdi wouldn’t have dogged it so much if he knew he’d be seeing a stone cold warrior like Dawk roaming Novacare.

  10. Chip looks like that a-hole Harvey who managed Chickie and Petes in this picture. I hope he has truely has big balls.

  11. Heard some random chick grabbed a handful of CHIP’s nuts last night. Maybe she can debug the Big Balls rumor.

  12. That’s all well and good an honestly I’m glad he’s putting forth the effort. But if he keeps referring to these cocky, big egoed, professional fucking athletes as “young guys” he’s not gonna gain much respect in the locker room. I’d imagine its harder to manage men that made it than boys that are trying to make it.
    That being said I hate the move and I wanted a D guy like Gus or Lovie, but now I’m routing for him and I hope he does well. I just don’t think it’s “kinda cool” that he still thinks he’s in college (minus the public appearances). I think he “kinds needs to realize” he’s doing grown up shit now so we can get our shit together.
    We’re bankin on you chip. I’ll give ya 3 (4 tops) years. Times yours.

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