Curt Schilling Called Howard Eskin a Dumbass Today

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Howard Eskin was one of many folks who took issue with today's announcement that no eligible players, many of whom are tied to steroids, will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year (you need a minimum of 75% of the vote to get in). So, Eskin took to Twitter to voice his displeasure. And then, he jumped into a public exchange between former teammates Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson. Behold:

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And with that comment from Schilling, ridiculing Eskin for citing wins, a mostly meaningless stat, SABR nerds everywhere rejoice.

Eskin's had a rough go of it on Twitter this week. On Saturday, he said that the hockey season could could be canceled before the end of the weekend. Today, a new CBA was ratified.


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  1. Eskin is a piece of shit. No one who used steroids deserves to be in HOF. cheating fuckers!!

  2. Eskin is such a little fag piece of shit scumbag. If you havent played sports, even at least varsity high school you have no credibility as a sports journalist. The fact that you always seem to defend him makes you a little fag scumbag too

  3. looking through this list, biggio appears to be the only candidate worthy of a green light to the HOF. dude cracked 3000+ hits and was a doubles producing machine for much of his career. the real disgrace is how many votes bonds, mcgwire, sosa, and palmeiro were able to generate. i dont contest there are some cheaters already in the HOF, but if any of these clowns were to be voted in, the HOF mind as well implode. btw, schilling calling eskin a dumbass is comical….hey curt, how much investment money did your dumbass lose again?

  4. I really am a world class asshole. Why anyone has ever listened to me I can’t explain.

  5. schilling is a total failure. dumping all that money into a fucking video-game? haha!!! then he requested tax payers bail him out.

  6. Eskin sucks the cum out of RHEA HUGHES’ dirty shit stained asshole then spits it into his cunt son Spike’s rotten mouth

  7. Schilling doesn’t belong in the HOF, plus his whore wife stole all the money from their fake ALS foundation

  8. Why is Curt Schilling’s twitter ID Gehrig38? Does he think he’s Lou?

  9. And also Howard Eskin is totally off in this case. The average wins argument is so awful. It’s not Schilling’s fault he spent the majority of his career on terrible phillies teams. Plus he was a relief pitcher for the first 2.5 seasons of his career. Hard to rack up big win totals that way.

  10. Biggio and Bagwell should both have gotten in no questions
    Piazza did roids but was never caught or tied to them … he should be in no questions
    Morris I think should be in, but it probably wont happen with next years class being ridiculous too (maddox, glavine, kent and frank thomas .. plus mussina).
    Tim Raines should also be in eventually
    AND Donny Baseball getting 13% of votes is horrendous. but he’s a yankee
    The BBWAA sucks balls
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  11. Maybe if he didn’t dominate on trash Phillies team’s for the first half of his career and most of his prime he’d have more wins. Wins are such a shit stat for pitchers.
    The guy was a beast. Didn’t he have like 4 straight years with 300 k’s? When it the last time ANYONE had a 300 K season?
    Move to Kansas City with your man meat Eskin.

  12. Schilling had three 300 K seasons with ’97 and ’98 being back-to-back. He probably should get in but honestly who the fuck cares about the HOF anymore since it’s pretty clear the last 20 years or more of baseball has been a roidfest? And I’m sure Curt did as many roids as anyone else, he’s a pretty well documented hypocrite in absolutely everything.

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