Dick’s Sporting Goods is Selling Claude Giroux Jerseys with a “C” on Them

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From our friends over at The School Philly we find that Dick’s Sporting Goods is selling Claude Giroux replica jerseys with a “C” on them. 

Giroux, of course, isn’t yet the Flyers' captain (though reporters keeping asking him about it).

Dick’s website is run by eBay-owned GSI Commerce – my old stomping grounds – a King of Prussia-based business founded by Sixers co-owner Michael Rubin. The “C” designation that shows up on the product image is nothing more than a merchandiser (incorrectly) checking off Giroux’s name in a drop-down menu. Reebok is not currently producing Giroux jerseys with a “C” on them, nor is this any indication that Giroux will be the Flyers’ captain. But, the letter sure looks pretty on there…


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  1. I honestly don’t want him to have it yet this year. Give it to Kimmo this last year of his and maybe next year G can have it. I want him focusing on his skills and then maybe get his leadership on. Just b/c there’s no C doesn’t mean he can’t be a leader, it just means he won’t get the pressure if things don’t go smoothly and I don’t want any extra pressure on him.
    Honestly, I’d love Hartsy to have the C. He’s fun but serious when he needs to be, he’s passionate and dedicated, he’s a natural leader they all say in the locker room and as we saw on 24/7, and he’s vocal. He’s their NHLPA rep and he speaks up well.

  2. @Steve Romano, I agree that he was hurt during the second playoff series but why do some people not give Mike Richards the benefit of that considering he had double shoulder surgery after the playoffs a few years ago?

  3. “The C on his jersey is for CUNT”
    Well I guess every team has one then huh?
    Give it to Briere, G is still young no need to put that pressure on him yet. Let him just go out and do what he does best without the added pressure.

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