Drink: Flyers Power Hour

Reader Collin Mehalick made this over the summer, but it’s a bit more relevant now.

Here to get you ready for the season, which begins tomorrow at 3 in the p.m. against the Pittsburgh Penguins, your 2009-2012 Flyers Power Hour. Drink every time Sidney Crosby says, “I don’t like ‘em.”

Good night and good hockey.


24 Responses

  1. Sure there is a lot of 09-10 playoff highlights in this thing, since this franchise has been a underachieving joke since then

  2. Good One Angelo, hope you and all the other loser flyers fans enjoy another early playoff exit this year

  3. If I don’t finger at least two whores at Xfin live I’ll be very disappointed

  4. Pens fans still have a sore twat, yep your fucking steelers have turned the corner to oblivion and the pirates run was just a cruel joke.

  5. Mother fuck those toothless Marlboro smoking white trash steel reserve drinking Pittsburgh fucking assclowns

  6. bryz should probably worry more about his goal tending than the universe, just a thought.

  7. creative Ron. did that hurt a little too much? go cry to your mommy about it, let her know i’ll be over later to give it to her just like the pens did to the flyers, except she’ll be screaming for more.

  8. Great game by both teams. A lucky deflection and the inability for the Flyers to capitalize on just one PP was the difference maker.

  9. Right sorry my mother doesn’t like white trash nicotine stained teeth( or tooth since your a fucking hick) go jump off of one of the many bridges in your third class shithole of a city you fucking mouth breathing fuckface
    Ps fuck you

  10. where should i start proving you wrong here?
    point 1, i probably make twice as much money than you do and my house is MUCH nicer than the box under the bridge you live in.
    2. i have every single one of my teeth and have never even had to have a dental procedure, which im sure is far from the truth in your case you philthy scum.
    3. i dont even live in pittsburgh, or even in PA for that matter.
    looks like your entire argument just went straight out the window just like the game your philthy flyers gave up.
    ps, tell your mom she still owes me from last night.

  11. oh i forgot..
    point 4. never even touched a cigarette, no nicotine here you fucker

  12. If the Flyers do not win today they will go winless in Jan…I’ve got them with 2-5 wins in their first 16…
    This roster is TERRIBLE!
    You have been warned.

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