Eagles to Interview Mike McCoy on Sunday

image from media.nbcchicago.com
Hey, the Eagles are going to interview someone else! You can all stop bitching in the comments about the consecutive Andy Reid posts.

On their Twitter account – (@EaglesInsider), which I’m noticing has taken a marked shift toward being useful in the past few days (perhaps thanks to new communications director?) – the Eagles confirmed that they will interview Denver offsensive coordinator Mike McCoy this Sunday in the mile high city.

McCoy has been the Broncos offensive coordinator since 2008, and has had relative success with guys like Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. The Broncos also led the NFL in rushing in 2011. And, as pointed out by Bleeding Green Nation, McCoy has never been fired despite three of his head coaches getting canned.

Of course, I most enjoyed Zoo With Roy's analysis of McCoy, which shouldn't be discounted: This dude has no shoulders no way later dork go buy a calculator.


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  1. Before any of you idiots say something stupid as shit like “Peyton is the OC in Denver” how about you educate yourself on McCoy first because he’s been an excellent assistant for years in this league.
    The guy made KYLE ORTON of all people look like a decent starting QB, the one year Orton finished like 4th in passing yards I think. Then he was even able to adjust to a totally unconventional QB like Tebow and still managed to put up good total offense numbers, this time mostly through rushing.
    When he was in Carolina he turned a nobody like Jake Delhomme into a pro bowler. The guy can coach. Hopefully that can translate into a good Head Coach however.

  2. @ Fresh- You are correct, I agree, and I also reiterate another above point:
    He has never been fired.

  3. I really hope they hire this guy. A guy with a great gameplan every Sunday who loves to pound the rock?. Yes please

  4. @Fresh- Peyton is the OC in Denver. Since 2007 the Broncos haven’t had more than 8 wins in a season (they won their division last year with an 8-8 record)

  5. @teamozzy- Yeah I can’t believe McCoy didn’t lead the Broncos to playoff berths in 2007 and 2008 while he was the Panthers quarterbacks coach. What’s his deal? It’s totally all his fault Denver wasn’t good.

  6. i’ll buy the eagles GM a tranny hooker on 13th street if he fires Spadero.

  7. teamozzy, You’re a dumbass. You’re really going to blame the OC for the team not making the playoffs? Yeah let’s just forget that thanks to Josh McDaniels’ terrible drafts and personnel decisions he almost sent that team back for years had they not landed Peyton. It was all McCoy’s fault right? Retard. And besides dumbass, McCoy wasn’t with Denver in 2007-2008. At least try and do some research before you post. Btw, listening to what Brian Balinger says doesn’t count.

  8. I’d rather cast my lot with McCoy who has the chops to be successful right away as an NFL head coach than Chip Kelly who has no pro experience and is more short term gimmick than long term solution.

  9. – get him in and start dumping the quitters and bums – lose all the coaches and half the defense – bring Juan back for the o-line

  10. Dear Freshface- you just proved my point. The Broncos were mediocre prior to mccoys arrival, mediocre after his arrival, and the offense was scrumtrulescent after a certain large-headed QB showed up.
    So… yes, if we have Peyton Manning as our QB, I think McCoy would be successfull, but with a Tebow/ Orton/ Foles, the birds will be no better than 8-8. You shouldn’t call other people retards when your own parents are cousins.

  11. Nice Kyle…keep shooting passive aggressive, or in this case, aggressive taunts at your readers. That always ends up well. This and your friggin new years round up post sounded like Donovan mcNabb wrote it.

  12. Hey Ted, you posting your opinion of Kyle’s attitude towards his readers generated a minimum of three more clicks for his website. I’m sure he appreciates that.

  13. Guarantee that o’Brien was told he would not be offered the job by both eagles and Cleveland after interview whether because of the buyout or other reasons unclear. His deal to interview must have included right to say I am pulling my name to save face with the college community.

  14. Thrilled B.O.B. is staying in Happy Valley. Now, hope Chip stays far away from Philly.
    Either go with McCoy, or one of the coordinators from San Fran.

  15. teamozzy, there are OTHER factors to a football team than the offensive coordinator. YOU just proved my point that you’re obviously just another dumbass who didn’t even know who McCoy was before the Eagles’ coaching search. I guess because San Francisco went 4-12 with Mike McCarthy as their OC that Green Bay shouldn’t have made him their HC, right? Yeah exactly, shut the fuck up. Josh McDaniels is the one that fucked up the Broncos, McCoy took what he was given and made a decent offense out of it. If you even knew anything about the Broncos you’d know that it was a fucking miracle they even won 8 games in 2009 with the way McDaniels already managed to fuck up the team. To blame the OC for a team’s record is totally retarded. He’s obviously not seen as the problem when his head coaches get fired yet he still sticks around. He made good offenses out of the shit he’s been dealt. And now that he has a good QB, he’s even better. Just because Peyton calls an audible doesn’t mean you even know what in the blue FUCK he’s doing, so don’t act like that’s not in any way McCoy’s coaching. Please start over and learn football all over again before trying to argue, thanks.

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