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Hey, the Eagles are going to interview someone else! You can all stop bitching in the comments about the consecutive Andy Reid posts.

On their Twitter account – (@EaglesInsider), which I’m noticing has taken a marked shift toward being useful in the past few days (perhaps thanks to new communications director?) – the Eagles confirmed that they will interview Denver offsensive coordinator Mike McCoy this Sunday in the mile high city.

McCoy has been the Broncos offensive coordinator since 2008, and has had relative success with guys like Kyle Orton, Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning. The Broncos also led the NFL in rushing in 2011. And, as pointed out by Bleeding Green Nation, McCoy has never been fired despite three of his head coaches getting canned.

Of course, I most enjoyed Zoo With Roy's analysis of McCoy, which shouldn't be discounted: This dude has no shoulders no way later dork go buy a calculator.