Flyers Non-Statement on Lockout Ending

Flyers President Peter Luukko released the following non-statement today:

“We were informed earlier this morning that the National Hockey League and the NHLPA have reached an agreement. As details concerning the schedule become available to us, we will release further information concerning the resumption of play. Our organization is excited for our players, our coaches and most particularly, our fans and we look forward to playing hockey again. The Flyers are extremely grateful to our loyal and dedicated fans who have shown tremendous patience and support during this process. We will refrain from making any additional comments at this time.”


Sounds like nothing will be official until there is a Board of Governors vote on Tuesday, but I’m guessing schedule details and such will leak out much earlier.

There will be many details that need to be hammered out over the next few days: when training camps begins, schedule, tickets, TV, arena availabilities, etc. And that's to say nothing of team rosters. I’m assuming that the league and teams already had some framework of a shortened schedule ready to go, with available dates and such. Teams will reportedly only play within their own conference, so travel will be minimized. 

I also assume that the league will bend over backwards like Sidn to please fans. After the last lockout, the league gave unprecedented access to rinkside reporters and local and national media. That trend will only continue – especially with so much new technology and so many new media outlets – in an effort to win fans over, quickly. 


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  1. Hey…who’d you swipe that statement from? No way you received the email! A little attribution to whomever, please!

  2. Fucking sweet! Unparalleled access to rinkside reporters and local and national media! That is just what every fan I know wanted. More in-depth interviews with Kimmo Timonen! The lockout was all worth it. And more websites to look at! FUCKING A man! Fucking A!

  3. kyle you are such a faggot and the fact that a sidney crosby quote was your number one philly sorts moment of the year is fucking sad haha

  4. sad thing is people will be running to ed snider, giving him $$$ for his overpriced tickets. SMDH

  5. I may not be able to get refunds on the tickets that I stupidly re-upped for before the season began, but I’ll be damned if I buy a single beer, concession or article of clothing.

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