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John Clark, everyone’s favorite airport stalker (I say that endearingly), tweeted that Jeffrey Lurie sent a plane to pick up Gus Bradley in Seattle. 

Here it is, currently over Montana (as of writing this at 11:22 in the a.m.): 

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 11.32.58 AMGo, Gus, go!

He’s flying a NetJet Cessana Citation twin-jet. NetJet is a fractional ownership and charter company, so the plane isn’t necessarily owned by Lurie (I don’t think it is). But none of that matters. Bradley is on his way to Philadelphia. And while there are reports that his second interview will be merely a contract negotiation and that he’s already accepted the job, Adam Schefter says that Bradley still has an interview scheduled with the Jaguars on Wednesday. We’ll see about that. Geoff Mosher and Reuben Frank are saying the same thing– that a deal isn't done and there is still a lot to be discussed. But, I’m guessing Lurie doesn’t sent a private jet across the country to pick up a guy who isn’t likely to become the next head coach.

Consider this post a heads up for the folks over at ABC, FOX et al. to gas up Chopper 6, SkyFOX and the rest of the gang for some kickass aerials. Because Kansas City ain’t got nothing on us.

You can track Bradley’s flight here. He’ll be entering North Dakota airspace shortly, which is cute, because that’s where he went to college.

UPDATE: Perhaps because of weather… perhaps to avoid media attention, Bradley's flight has apparently been diverted to Northeast Airport. It is scheduled to arrive at 2:24 p.m.