Here’s the Full Flyers Schedule

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There were rumors earlier today that some season ticket holders gained access to the Flyers schedule before its official release. One Twitterererererererer, (@MattParenti), tweeted a picture of what we're confident is the schedule that will be released later today or tomorrow.

That stretch in the middle of February is brutal— six road games in 10 days.

The Flyers will play the Rangers and Devils five times, and Penguins and Islanders four.

Plan your winters accordingly.

UPDATE: This is the official schedule.

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23 Responses

  1. Nice hard day of work you put in there today. You should definitely get yourself a drink tonight and take it easy

  2. god dammit ill be in vegas on march 9th and 10th for a wedding and my birthday…damn you gary bettman only the second time in like 10 years the flyers play a quality opponent at home and on or near my birthday and im going to be away

  3. ass man…was planning on it and throwing a little bet for the flyers to win it all…i was just the schedule before the lockout didnt make me feel so bad

  4. Good, now I know what home games I’m not going to be buying tickets for. If the Flyers have a chance to win the Cup, then I’ll try to get tickets, just so I can boo the hell at out Bettman if he’s got the balls to present the Cup.

  5. Kyle just cut his dick off… image a chick he beats off to fucking his arch-nemesis Scottie Hartnell

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