Highlights and Audio from Andy Reid’s Conference Call with Local Media

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Before speaking with the Philly media, Andy Reid met with reporters in Kansas City. As you can see, putting Reid in bar chair without a table in front of him was a bad idea.


Still working on that time management thing.

Andy Reid – I’m guessing somewhat reluctantly – met with the Philly media today via conference call. He was late. The call was supposed to begin at 4 p.m., but it was pushed back to 4:30 so Reid could continue to receive pleasantries from local media in Kansas City. And you know, it’s almost as if the delay was intentional– to just one last time get under the skin of local scriptuals. Which he did. But thankfully Howard Eskin was on the line to tell everyone to relax.

Some highlights from the edited audio, which you will find after the jump:

The first minute is the sound of irritated scriptuals and Howard Eskin complaining about the wait.

1:10 Howard Eskin takes a swipe at phone system in Kansas City (the call was on Free Conference Call).

1:15– Eskin asks why it took a week to talk to the Philadelphia media. Reid: “I just thought there was a time and place.” 

That place is, apparently, on a shitty conference line with an annoying metronome from 1,000 miles away. 

Reid mentions that he didn't want to address it right after the game… which is strange, because he supposedly wasn't fired until Monday, which – and I'm not good at math here – was a day after the Eagles' last game.

2:52– Reid asked about how he was treated by the fans. Reid: “The fans, they care. And that’s all that matters to me. I didn’t care if they were chanting my name in a negative way or a good way.” 

3:20– Reid asked why he didn’t take out an ad in the newspaper or a billboard. Reid said he was using this chance to talk to all media, knowing how closely fans follow through said media. Reid: “You can’t put a billboard in every part of the city. And I don’t know how many people read the newspapers anymore. They read the Internet.”

Zinger to hardened scriptuals– nice. But I think Reid is misunderstanding the fact that an ad in even one newspaper would be blasted all over local media– radio, TV and, yes, the interwebs. Of course, if he wants to take out an ad on CB and make up for all the dollars he cost me by NOT HAVING A PLAYOFF WIN TO COVER, he can be my guest. 

4:24– Still owns home, hasn’t sold it.

4:30– Les Bowen continues to haunt Reid, even in Kansas City. Bowen asks about Jeffrey Lurie’s comments that Howie Roseman handled only the 2012 draft and didn’t have final say prior to that. A good question. Reid hints that there was a divide there: “I think the most important thing… everybody has got to be pulling in the same direction. When that gets out of whack, bad things happen.”

5:48– Reid is pressed on that issue by Paul Jolovich, WHO SCREAMS A GOOD FOLLOW UP at Reid: “Listen, I’m not getting into all that. Those are just things you learn from and you move on.” 


6:00Fin. A cacophony of hang up alerts usher out the Reid era like soldiers firing their weapons to salute a fallen comrade.

Audio after the jump.

Excerpts edited


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  1. white people worry about the strangest things. who gives a shit about a billboard saying thanks to the fans????? come guys is this really the kind of questions you get paid to ask. why didnt anyone ask him why he didnt sit out a year to spend time with his family after being fired why jump right back into coaching.

  2. Out of all the coverage of Andy Reid, this is the only blog where you can see his dick…you’re a fuckin faggot Kyle.

  3. White people are too worried…about going to work and paying their bills on time

  4. @I don’t like tools- meet me section 201 at the Wingbowl & I’ll break ur neck

  5. “Of course, if he wants to take out an ad on CB and make up for all the dollars he cost me by NOT HAVING A PLAYOFF WIN TO COVER, he can be my guest.”
    Seriously? You’ve barely covered anything the past couple of weeks. And don’t give us “they were losing” as a excuse. We need a place to post unfettered racist and misogynist comments and you’re lack of work has hampered our schoolyard skillz.

  6. Kyle you’re not part of the media
    stop acting like you are
    I’m here to help you buddy
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  7. always thought Andy had huge balls – after further review – call on the field is confirmed –
    an ad? billboard? that’s for Doosh-bags like St. David Akers
    why take so long to speak to the media – maybe because you jag-offs were calling for my head for 3 years – suck my mammoth sack –
    the one thing I always liked about Andy – he treated the local media like the scum-sucking parasites that they are
    go Big Red…

  8. he is clearly telling people what life is like living in a van down by the river eating a supply of government cheese.

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