How Do We Feel About This RGIII T-Shirt?

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Reader Jared, an anti-Reider who kept sending us pictures of his Fire Andy t-shirts this fall, has a new target, and this one just had surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Robert Griffin III.

Insensitive? Sure. Mean? You bet. Crossing the line? Maybe. But the beauty of the shirt is in its simplicity– no “Parking For” sign, no logo, no image of Dr. James Andrews looking apoplectically at Mike Shanahan and Griffin. None needed. And I get the feeling that the shirt is directed more at the Redskins – both for Mike Shanahan riding RGIII into the dirt (almost literally) and, um, the dirt at FedEXField, where playing conditions on Sunday were horrific – than it is at the nice young man now recovering from major knee surgery. 

Anyway, Redskins fans, don’t shoot the messenger… even if I am not-so-quietly applauding Jared’s efforts. 


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  1. Oh come on Notre Dame had “Golden Domers vs Mobile Homers” t shirts but that was ok, get some balls u fucking queens

  2. Ranks up there with the 5 year old “can’t spell Crosby without cry” shirt that’s on the top right corner

  3. John DeHart is right. I had already seen the logo several days ago, so relax! That has nothing to do with us.

  4. Can you do a “Uni-Diction” for every Sixers game, and when the Flyers start up? That was the best posts on here, I read every one!

  5. If you don’t think this deserves at least a chuckle, you’ve lost your sense of humor. He didn’t step on a land mine and lose his leg obama voters.

  6. Why is there an open forum here to criticize that rg3 shirt but nobody is allowed to bash those awful philly phaitful shirts you advertise?

  7. Because I run a website for a living and I can’t think of one other medium that allows readers or consumers to publicly criticize their advertisers, and I’m certainly not going to be the first. If you want me to come to your place of work and rip you in front of your boss, let me know. I run a fucking business and don’t try to pretend those aren’t ads. If you don’t like something? Don’t buy it. But stop whining about.

  8. I heard RG3 is comparing coach Shanahan to a slave master, get back on the field “the cotton field”

  9. low for sure, loved it – shared it – if you can’t be tasteless, why get up in the morning
    – every person I showed it to laughed –

  10. i agree that people need to chill. if he had suffered a spinal injury, then yes….the shirt would have been way out of line and certainly very tasteless. however, that brings me to my main point in that the shirt’s not funny because the joke is irrelevant anyway. at worst, he’s probably restricted to crutches for a week. so, a reference to a wheelchair is simply cheesy. as for blaming this joke on a philly fan, i had seen this image days ago on facebook. so, i highly doubt he was the person who invent and patent the image.

  11. Everyone needs to chill out. This happens in every city. People say things likes this to Philly fans too. Its not just here.

  12. Heather why in the world would you ever comment and then have your real name and facebook linked. Blows my mind. Nevertheless, I checked out some of your pics. You’re alright, if it was late and I had a couple too many I probably would allow you to suck on my penis. 😉

  13. no joke, if people are offended by this shirt or thinks it is mean, you are WAY too sensitive. i feel sorry for the PC police, always finding fault with something. enjoy life for christ sakes

  14. Any dickhead that wants to be know as rg3 walking into the league deserves all he gets. Hope he breaks his neck next. If this is offensive to anyone than you’re probably too sensitive to be in this world so I suggest swallowing a lead pill.

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