How the Eagles Landed Chip Kelly on Their Second Attempt

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So, how did this all come together?

Not unlike the stealthy way the Phillies landed Cliff Lee in December, 2010.

It had been rumored that Chip Kelly wanted complete control over a team if he went to the NFL, something many thought would be difficult in Philadelphia given Jeffrey Lurie’s love affair with Howie Roseman. But, it seems Roseman is the one who sealed the deal to get Kelly to come to Philadelphia.

According to reports from Eagles beat writers Jeff McLane, Les Bowen and Geoff Mosher, Kelly wavered on his commitment to Oregon even after it was reported that he would return to coach there. On January 8, the same day the Eagles interviewed ND’s Brian Kelly (who, oddly, was spotted in South Philadelphia today) in Nashville and just two days after Chip Kelly’s flirtation with the NFL had seemingly ended, contact was reestablished. A mutual friend reconnected Roseman with Kelly, who was apparently having second thoughts about staying at Oregon. Roseman and Kelly’s agent, David Dunn, stayed in contact until talks heated up, reportedly on Saturday, and a deal was agreed to late last night, after Gus Bradley left Lurie’s house. 

Bowen reports that the Eagles were prepared to hire Bradley if Kelly declined a second time. But he didn’t, and Bradley was on a private jet to Jacksonville this morning.

Credit Roseman, that expert talent evaluator he is (…), with getting this done. It’s not the first time that he’s crept into the market late at night and stolen a valuable commodity. Two years ago, he swiped Nnamdi Asomugha from teams such as the Cowboys and Jets (you really can’t blame the Eagles for Asomugha sucking). Now it’s Chip Kelly, the guy the Birds wanted all along. The guy who will undoubtedly bring the most excitement back to Eagles football. 

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  1. He can bring all the excitement he wants back to the Eagles since he sure as fuck won’t be bringing any wins
    Get fucked you cock gobbling homos

  2. You cant blame the Eagles for Asomugha sucking? What?
    Are you… kidding? It’s the Eagles job to evaluate the talent they intend to acquire (by draft or free agent signing). That’s one of the biggest responsibilities of a franchise.
    So if Chip Kelly blows, you can’t blame the Eagles for that either? What the hell?

  3. Control of the Personnel = Mike Vick retires an Eagle under Chip Kelly in four seasons.
    This franchise is done.

  4. “Yeah, Roseman really blew the doors off the house with the acquisition of Nnamdi.”
    – My thoughts exactly.

  5. Whether you like Chip Kelly or not, you gotta give the guy a chance. Be more fucking patient for once. It doesn’t matter whether you sitting at home think the college-style offense will work or not. Youre just some fucking guy with a remote. what makes you think you know what you are talking about. Everybody thinks they can do everybody’s job. You dont even know how hes going to adopt his offense to the NFL.
    I understand we as fans live and die with the team but its obviously gonna take some time since hes never been in the NFL AND doesnt have “his” players here yet. It might take a year or two.

  6. Fuck the eagles, this is what happens when a crew of Jews runs a football team

  7. I agree with DT above, and Hans Vermhat, thats what i dont get about this signing. You are basically bringing in a guy b/c of what he has done in NCAA, with a system that historically has not worked in the NFL. So basically hired him b/c of what he did with a system that he can no longer use??? makes ZERO sense. Steve Spurrier 2.0

  8. They still make coaches that run the ball and focus on defense? I mean are they mythical creatures or something? My condolences to our two RBs.

  9. It is just funny that Angelo and his Dumb Squad were certain Roseman was the reason no one was signing and going over all the reasons (none of which was right) as to why Bradley was not signed. Nobody but those involved know what the hell is going on.

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