In Other News, Chris Pronger Looks Like He’s 78-Years-Old

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.35.43 PM
Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.35.43 PM
Looks like Prongs will be hanging around the Flyers, helping out.


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  1. 78? No not really….then again Kyle, you have a penchant for whining about “Old white guys” so this isn’t shocking.

  2. Worst trade ever. People were creaming their pants when this happened on draft night. I was not one of them, Kyle was though.
    Whoever thought that it was a good idea to give away years of picks and younger players for an over the hill dman is a fucking idiot

  3. Nice, Kyle. Tell you what….lemme smash your thick head with an elbow or another blunt object and have your brains knock into your skull and your neck snapped back. I’m sure your spry, manly self would be up and about with no ill effects.
    Rather than looking like a 78 your old man, you’d look like a slightly aged version of the woman that you are.

  4. Eduardo Snider is a greedy fuck who doesn’t care about winning. All he cares about is his bottom line.

  5. Mr. Scott,
    Are you serious with this headline? You are openingly mocking a man with a serious brain disability. You are a disgrace. Do you understand what this man has gone through these past few years? We should be celebrating that he is recovering to the point that he can finally come out in public. Instead your trying to encite the youth of America to make insensitive remarks all to pump up your bottom line. Do you not recall what Ed Snider did to his life? Allow me to educate you for a minute. Ed Snider FORCED Mr. Pronger to play with a cheap, plastic helmet without facial protection resulting in a concussion. Despite this fact, Snider forced MR. Pronger to continue to play with the same crappy equipment, which resulted in concussion number two. I for one have not forgotten that his life was ruined as a result. That he suffers every day from this disability. That by the time he reaches the age that most of us are nearing retirement, he will be suffering from the early stages of Dementia. You need to spend some time researching what a brain injury does to a human. If you would like a sit down for a full educational program, I can clear up my schedule so that you can clean up your act and be an advocate for safety. It is clear to me that you need to grow up, and grow up quickly if you want to be sucessful in the game of life. Make no mistake about it.

  6. Haven’t been here in ages… great to see that the fucking lunatic that is Edward Murphy is still rocking his tinfoil hat.
    Keep on crusading Mr. Murphy…

  7. After this headline I will never come on this site again. I used to recommend CB to lots of people but it has just gotten so bad. Coming from someone who probably has never had a concussion or any sports related injury I should not be surprised. You are an absolute disgrace.

  8. The only bad thing about Hockey starting up: Edward Murphy’s asinine comments, excuse me: essays, on Crossingbroad

  9. I have to admit that headline WAS lowbrow and classless, given what Pronger’s been through with his post-concussion problems.

  10. Eddie Snider is a zero class dirty old man who only cares about making a buck & getting young pussy. Doesn’t care about winning the cup or the safety of his players.
    -BTW: Here here-
    Mr. Murphy

  11. In a city that’s seen the likes of Eric Lindros and Keith Primeau have their careers shredded by concussions, you have the sack to demean yet another flyers captain who’s lost his career and quality of life due to concussions? Seriously…what’s your fuckin problem?
    And looking past your mind numbing, childish, retarded comments, i ask the question: How the fuck does he look bad in this picture? He’s fuckin wearing nice clothes, glasses, and has a bit of stubble..HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT MAKE HIM LOOK OLD???

  12. I agree with “Idiot”. He doesn’t look that old. His goofy stance appears to be due to him showing the young buck how to position his body, or the like.
    I’m glad he’s going to be sticking around to help, though.

  13. Ed MURPHY needs to get a life. what a dope with his plastic helmet comment.
    I hope he’s just messing with us

  14. Dont apologize to these faggots Kyle
    They’re the same people who support the pussification of football
    I wish all of them would die
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  15. Snider & drunk homer set the franchise back years from that terrible pronger trade

  16. They made it to the Stanley Cup Finals BECAUSE OF THE TRADE FOR PRONGER … but now it was a bad trade
    you people are on an all time stoooopid level today

  17. The flyers made it to the cup cause Richards and carter were getting laid everyday. Kane undressed Pronger every game

  18. Jeff Carter had zero to with us getting where we were. If he was the “sniper” everyone claimed he was he would have picked top corner with 2 min left in the 3rd period of game 6 after Hartsy tied it instead of shooting it right into Niemi’s logo.

  19. Edward Murphy is only looking out for the health and well being of all players. I don’t understand what is so wrong about that.
    If more people cared like Edward did this world would be such a better place.
    I hope they take fighting out of the game, there is no need for that brutality on ice. We should be modeling the NBA where players are model citizens and we can have our children look up to them.
    Too many goons on the ice these days. The NHL really needs to address these issues before there are not enough players left to play this wonderful game.
    Imagine a penalty free game where players flowed along the ice peacefully and made skating look like a beautiful dance on ice. I can only hope one day we will be able to see that.
    Thank you for your time,

  20. Murph’s right, as always, that cheap fuck Ed Snider probably melts down the plastic cups and used condome from Xfin to make the helmets and pucks, jew prick.

  21. Mr. Scott,
    I accept your explanation that you were trying to make a joke, despite its total lack of humor and care for another human’s well-being. Having said that, I hope that you now have a better understanding of what the members of this community want. Based on the overwhelming disdain for your headline, I hope that in the future you can clean up your act and not make a mockery of a serious injury.
    I would like to piggy-back off a comment by a supporter above, if you will. Although, fighting will probably never be banned from the game, I would like to suggest a minor improvement. Prior to fighting, the league should require that the players wear protective gloves similar to boxing gloves, which would significantly limit brain injuries and potential paralysis. I suggest this with the caveat that I have not yet completed a thorough study on this idea.

  22. Edward,
    I think oversized boxing gloves would be the way to go here. Maybe 3 times the size of an Olympic boxing glove. This way the fights would be safe and the fans would still get what they want. The flow of the game wouldn’t be affected either. I’d even work with you to come up with a prototype for testing.

  23. I would like to suggest a minor improvement. Prior to fighting, the league should require that the players wear protective gloves similar to boxing gloves, which would significantly limit brain injuries and potential paralysis. I suggest this with the caveat that I have not yet completed a thorough study on this idea.

  24. HAHA OVER SIZED BOXING GLOVES! WTF! you’re retarded. why not put them on trampolines to make it more interesting?

  25. I would like to build off of the trampoline and boxing gloves.
    I do believe one of the biggest issues with fights is that players may hit their heads on the ice while battling.
    Maybe we can also supply the head gear boxers use while sparring to eliminate that from happening?

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