Insults Took on an Oral Motif at the Flyers-Penguins Game

I’ll just put these here:

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 10.34.52 AMPic via (@wheresBaldo14) 

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 11.18.13 AMPic via (@mlauletta)

As for the game: Not bad, really. These first five games or so are going to look like drunk pre-season hockey– players with the rust of September, but the urgency of March. It’s a strange combination. After the forwards looked like they were playing a different sport and Ilya Bryzgalov looked shaky for much of the first period, the Flyers settled down nicely. It was a lack of crispness that hurt them: easy passes wound up in skates, in front of streaking wingers, or on a Penguins' stick. Still, the Flyers got plenty of chances and, really, with just a bounce or two, would have won the game. So many pucks went through the crease but never found the back of the net. No reason for concern.

Meanwhile, New Media Friendly Bryz is well, media friendly: “Thank you for your question, I’ll try to answer it right,” he told reporters after the game. Video of his post-game press, after the jump.


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  1. Bryz looked shaky for most of the first??? He looked pretty damn good all game… This city can never give a goalie credit

  2. Yeah. Those two goals were on the men in front of him. Those weere good faceoff wins by Sutter (Who was on fire the whole game) and rocket shots. Flyers on those 2 plays looked unorganized. Gotta get that under control.

  3. Hardcore flyers fan here, but I give Crosby credit for what he did to help end the lockout. I’m raised not to like him, but that first picture is absolutely horrible. A disgrace. Bryz played well, hope he can keep it up.

  4. Bryzgalov looked great to start off the game. Spend the whole period in your zone, and goals are bound to be scored. Finished as solid as I’ve seen him, and didn’t let any in after the Flyers finally pressured. I hope Bryz plays every game like Game 1.

  5. If not for the “skating to close to Crosby” call in the first I think the Flyers would have won it in OT.

  6. “and Ilya Bryzgalov looked shaky for much of the first period”
    As hockey returns so does piss poor coverage of the team on a shitty site…
    Kyle learn the game please…learn to take a deeper look into the game like the fact that the Flyers lost crucial faceoffs in the defensive zone which lead to both goals. Bryz was the only reason the Flyers were in that game…He had 11 shots thrown his way in a period where Pitt dominated. He stopped 25 of 27.
    It is amazing how a team can come out rusty and show no depth and just look awful (0-5 on the PP?) yet you give them a pass because they have rust…but the goalie (who was the best flyer out there yesterday) he doesn’t get one…

  7. Those banners/signs do nothing but prove you are the worst and dirtiest fans in the league. Grow up and get some class already.

  8. And if Crosby blows so much why does he have every major trophy in hockey? Sounds like jealousy is really setting in big time for the flyers fans.

  9. Look up “Sydney crosby dives” on youtube. The huge amount of results you’ll get is one of the biggest reasons people hate Crosby. I don’t like Malkin either, but I respect him.

  10. How are those people not embarrassed to be carrying around a giant cock with tons of kids at the game. Actually, with people in general being around. There’s a better way to show our disdain for Crosby.

  11. Keep it classy. The Crosby Blows sign and the visual additions pretty much confirms why people think Philly fans are low class vermin. Racists tweets are nasty and sad in this day and age and this kind of stuff is almost as bad, or is it all right since they are Flyers fans?

  12. Kyle will call out Pittsburgh fans for tweeting nigger but happily post pictures of what looks like minors holding up a homophobic slur equivalent to a noose and a hood.

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