Jimmy Rollins Will Play in the World Baseball Classic

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This will be the first World Baseball Classic since I’ve been blogging full-time (read: working at home in my underwear), so I’ll be able to watch many of the early round games, some of which take place at weird times (EST)– 5 a.m., 4 p.m and 9 p.m. among them. Problem is, most of you don’t work at home in your underwear, and watching games at those times requires a serious commitment (and vacation time that, really, you have nothing better with?). So I’m not sure how much of a thing the WBC is. But, Jimmy Rollins is playing in it and I thought you should know.

Media Home Run Derby runner-up Ryan Lawrence brings us the details: [Philly.com]

Rollins was the lone Phillies player listed when the WBC’s American roster was unveiled on Thursday morning. Rollins also played for Team USA in 2009, the second go-round of the Olympic-style, early-spring baseball tournament.

With Derek Jeter and Troy Tulowitzki coming off injuries, Rollins was somewhat of an obvious choice for Team USA. The 34-year-old won his fourth Gold Glove in 2012.

Worth noting: Rollins struggled offensively coming off his last WBC appearance.

He was benched in late June while carrying a batting average that hovered near the Mendoza line. Rollins finished the season at .250, but with a career-low .296 on-base percentage.


Of course, it's also worth noting that J-Roll™ did this later that year.

Rollins will be joined on the team by his buddy, Boston Red Sox center fielder Shane Victorino. Aloha.


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  1. jason, i wouldnt worry too much about injury for JStroll. if he gives a half-assed effort during the regular season, then imagine how slow his trot down to first will be during the WBC. kind of difficult to get hurt when merely walking to first. he’ll be just fine!

  2. jesus dude, how many times a day do you feel like you have to tell us you work in your underwear at home?
    we get it dude, get over yourself

  3. For baseball fans, it’s a hell of a ‘thing’, Kyle. For Phillies fans? Eh, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last article we see on CB about it unless Rollins gets hurt.
    I am all for the WBC as a baseball fan, and don’t mind at all the major leaguers that play in it. It’s essentially only an extended, more intense version of spring training. For Jimmy though, considering his track record of injury, it’s stupid. It’s as stupid as the Red Bull Homerun challenge he did. Pointless and risky, for nothing more than to get a little facetime.

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