Joe Banner is So Entirely Full of Shit

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Joe Banner, who missed out on hiring Chip Kelly ostensibly because he works for the Browns, and who sword-fought with Jeffrey Lurie by way of Reuben Frank last week, told Peter King that the Browns didn't really want Kelly anyway:

"We removed ourselves from the process. We really liked Chip. He's intriguing, a very different thinker, and very smart. But you could see he was uncertain what he wanted to do. He may be in Philadelphia 10 years or longer and have a terrific career. But the fact he committed to Tampa Bay last year, backed out, then seemed all year to be leaning toward going to the NFL, then being so uncertain with us, we just felt it was too big a gamble. If there was no ambivalence, we may have offered him the job.'' 


OK, Joe. And Mitt Romney didn’t want to be President.

You removed yourself from the process like a nerdy kid in high school removed himself from a Seven Minutes in Heaven closest.


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  1. I showed myself to him a few years ago, and that’s the face he made. I think he likes dick.

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    Fuck Joe Banner. That is all.

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  8. People, people, people. Can we PLEASE stop with all the personal hatred? This is supposed to be a light hearted website where people can talk, laugh, and vent about unimportant things like sport, and Rachel Reckless.
    Can we leave the toxic word “hate” for those who truly deserve it? Like Bin Laden, Adam Lanza, and Delco?

  9. hatred is bad
    hate, the word, is just a word. It describes something bad, but it isn’t bad in itself.
    and you aren’t our mother.

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  13. Joe sounds exactly like a guy getting rejected for a date and then saying he wasn’t really interested in the girl and she’s not really all that hot anyway. I’m sure that’s something he had a lot of practice with in high school while he wasn’t getting stuffed into lockers or fulfilling his duties as treasurer of the A/V club.

  14. To anybody here who really believed Joe Banner didn’t want Chip Kelly, give me a call at 1-800-SCREW-YOU. I’ve got some prime beachfront property in Montana I’m sure you’ll be interested in.

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