Jon Gruden is Going to Hit Someone with a Steel Chair if He Doesn’t Get a Call from the Eagles Soon

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While the Eagles are busy courting Jay Gruden and other less-than-household names, Jon Gruden, Jay’s older and more accomplished brother, is sitting at home, in Tampa Bay. And that just happens to be where last night’s WWE Raw was held.  

Gruden was in attendance – in those seats reserved for celebs and notables – perhaps because he loves wrestling… perhaps because he wants to remind NFL teams with head coaching vacancies that he still exists. Here’s my face… on TV. Look how angry I am. Imagine how I could motivate your players. GO, ROCK. FUCK HIM UP!!! FUCK HIM UP!!!!! PEOPLE’S ELBOW!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!! TURNOVER ON DOWNS!!!! SUPER BOWL OR BUST!!!!!!

Something like that.

Anyway, it doesn’t appear that Jon Gruden will be the next head coach of the Eagles. But his brother Jay might be. The Eagles will interview Jay, the Bengels’ offensive coordinator, this week. And while Ron Jaworski (probably enthusiastically) said on the radio that Jon would be interested in the Eagles head coaching job, the Birds reportedly haven’t reached out to the Super Bowl-winning Monday Night Football analyst. Jordan Raanan of explains that it’s not due to circumstance:

Jon Gruden won't, even though according to former Monday Night Football partner Ron Jaworski he's interested in the position. The feeling isn't being reciprocated. The Eagles have expressed no interest in Jon Gruden, and it's not like they would have trouble finding the outspoken ex-head coach's number.

Jon shares an agent with Jay, who shares an agent with Mike McCoy, who shares an agent with Andy Reid, who shares an agent with Mike Nolan. Bob LaMonte represents all the aforementioned coaches. LaMonte also represents Roseman, the Eagles' point-person in the search.


Poor guy.


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  1. If the quote from that article is correct, then Jeff Lurie needs to hire a Vice-Owner to run the people who run the team. Basically he needs to pay someone to not be such a huge sap on his behalf.

  2. Gruden sucks. Everyone needs to stop this. He won a Super Bowl will Dungy’s already stacked team and then proceed to not do jack shit after that and dismantle the team because he can’t develop young players. He is the worst guy to rebuild with. If he didn’t have his dumb ass fiery personality, no one would want him. Tampa Bay is only NOW just recovering from how badly he screwed up the Bucs.

  3. Most overrated and over-hyped HC candidate out there. There is a reason his phone isn’t ringing, he’s simply not that great of a head coach especially for the money he will want.

  4. I want N-O-T-H-I-N-G to do with Jon Gruden who’s so yesterday’s news, it isn’t funny. The Eagles have to be rebuilt from the ground up, and Gruden hasn’t shown he has the skills, or the patience for that sort of monumental task. Speaking of patience, does anyone really think Gruden would put up with uber-dweeb Howie Roseman as his boss for longer than a week before he strangles the guy? That would be a match made in hell. Let Gruden stay in the booth where retreads like him belong.

  5. Sal Pal said Gruden wasn’t interested in the Eagles like a week ago. Can you blame him?

  6. Gruden admitted himself on National TV that he wouldn’t know how to stop RGIII, and the Tampa-2 wouldn’t stop him either.

  7. No way Roseman and Lurie would hand over personnel decisions to an outspoken gentile. Lurie is going to run the team the same way he has since day 1; the firing of Andy will not change anything. They will hire an ambitious coordinator on the cheap (like Reid in 1999), who has 0 clout and will be a yes man when it comes to personnel. Remember, Howie Roseman, a financial professional until 2000, is an expert talent scout. How can you deny the genius of a GM who traded up to draft Brandon Graham, a 3-4 linebacker to play DE in a 4-3 scheme, while JPP and Earl Thomas where available and both would have filled positions of need. Outside of nepotism, how can you explain his 4 year extension this past November? Either way it is immaterial: pro football in Philadelphia will continue to be exceptionally profitable regardless of record. In Yahweh they trust, ALL OTHERS PAY CASH.

  8. The fact that the stupid idiots on the WIP morning show are pimping Gruden should be enough for anyone to realize what a bad idea this is, since none of them know their ass from a whole in the ground.

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