Juan Castillo Will Coach in the Super Bowl

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In case you missed it late yesterday: The Baltimore Ravens announced that they have hired Juan Castillo to help them win the Super Bowl.

No, really.

John Harbaugh, who worked with Castillo in Philadelphia from 1998-2007, has brought on his old pal to serve as – ready for this? – the Ravens' “run-game coordinator” for the Super Bowl.

From NFL.com:

Castillo is an intriguing pickup. The Baltimore Sun reported he has spent time with the Ravens in recent weeks and will travel with them to Super Bowl XLVII in his new role. Not a bad turn of events for the man who was scapegoated in Philly just months ago. 


Add RGC to offensive line coach and defensive coordinator, and Castillo becomes a renaissance man, of sorts. The most interesting hombre in football, some say. While Andy Reid is searching for the best BBQ joint in KC and the Eagles are working on rebuilding their franchise, Castillo, who became a martyr last year, will coach in the Super Bowl. I’m sure he’s just so happy and proud to be given this opportunity by Mr. Harbaugh. 

Of course, this sounds like more of a token appointment, a hey, you got screwed by our old boss, so come get fitted for a ring hire if there even was one. But, since Castillo has now coached on both sides of the ball in the NFL, he might be able to help out. What a Junaderful story this is.

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13 Responses

  1. Very nice to hear – was in over his head and his record as DC is 11-11 with an offense making turnovers left and right – not too shabby.
    His replacement was 1-9.
    Good for you Juan –

  2. Somewhere in America, Jim Washburn is jealous as hell because “Jaunita” might well get himself a ring. Whether or not Castillo deserves one is immaterial, being a good soldier and quietly absorbing the body blows he took after Andy Reid threw him under a bus several months is about to pay huge dividends.

  3. LOL, Juan gets the last laugh. I guess his mother was right – if you work really, really hard you will be rewarded. Another reason to root for the Ravens!

  4. I wonder what Harbaugh thinks of Reid. Now I have to root for Baltimore to win so Castillo gets a ring the same season he got stabbed in the back as the fall guy for Reid’s atrocious decision making.

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