Lunkhead Jason Babin Trolled the Anti-Gun Crowd on Twitter


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  1. Babin fills his rifle barrel with KY-Lube then uses it as a Flesh-light to jerk himself off, before blowing his load into an american flag.

  2. great. more people that are awful at presenting the argument for less gun control. Babin and alex jones can do us a huge favor and retreat from the limelight.
    You don’t need to spaz out to successfully argue against gun regulation.
    No one wants guns gone. Not even liberals. They want guns to be in the hands of the state and the state only. And anyone advocating for the state to be the sole possessor of guns has clearly never cracked open a history book, so there’s not much use in arguing with them.
    Also, people that want more laws preventing people from owning firearms are very contradictory and are in fact advocating violence. They want people that peacefully arm themselves to be thrown in a cage (prison?) by a man in a blue costume holding a gun (cop?)

  3. Kyle Scott, a main line Villanova white guy who has at times been dismissive of lower income people in his writing, voted for Mitt Romney?!? No f’n way!!!!!

  4. Keep this and any gun related “news” items off CB. Not the place and all it ever adds up to be is a shitshow between the retard population of those pro-gun and the ignorant and misinformed anti-gun sheeple.

  5. Jimmy-
    You don’t seem to have any idea what pro-gun control people want. They don’t want the guns only in the hands of the state (for the most part- there’s always crazy outliers).
    Drunk driving was a problem. Did people want people to take away cars because of it? No, they wanted sensible regulation, tougher sanctions for breaking the law and publicity campaigns to educate people. We did that, and guess what? Drunk driving still happens, and still kills people, but at a severely reduced rate.
    Sensible gun control laws are necessary and would have a similar effect. Limiting assault weapons, magazine sizes, etc wouldn’t stop you from defending yourself or hunting. But it would help stop mass shootings. Seems like a no-brainer to most who actually look at the situation.

  6. @ pat scott said it best. could you imagine what this idiot’s life would be without football? I shit something this morning with more intelligence than this asshole.

  7. The original “Kool Aid drinkers” shot five people to death and then committed mass suicide killing 914 people including about 200 kids (you could say the kids were murdered). Bad reference Babin. Kyle, I too voted for Gary Johnson.

  8. Babin is a punk, but he’s actually right this time.
    Not a big fan of sports and politics mixing though. Could do without it here.

  9. The only problem with laws. Only law abiding citizens follow them. People are turning in RPG’s to these gun buy back programs in this country and they have never been legal to own. The problem isn’t guns and clips, it’s us, people. We are the most evil and vile species on this earth and we just need to address that fact before we go after mere tools of destruction. And if you want to go after that start with the most murderous tool known to man today. Your cars and trucks.

  10. Lolz at him saying the media is covering up the “good guy shooting bad guy” gun statistics. I love this argument…You’re telling me that the sensationalist media culture we live in would actually ignore stories about lone gunmen who shot a criminal and save the day? You can say the media has an agenda all you want, but just be clear on what agenda that is–ratings/money. Look at how violent our culture is. We love action, violence, and stories of vigilante justice. You mean to tell me that ACTUAL stories about good guys shooting down the bad guys wouldn’t sell? That our greedy and sensationalist media would just ignore that? You actually think the average viewer wants to hear about innocent lives being taken rather than evil ones who deserve it? Rubbish. The reason you don’t hear about good guys shooting bad guys is because it rarely happens. And for every situation where it does happen, theres hundreds of situations where the opposite happens, or where bad guys shoot each other up.
    And SPSP is right… Gun control is about control…Not elimination. Its about not stopping all gun crime 100 %, but MITIGATING IT. These doom and gloom anti-gun control people aren’t concerned with mitigation because theyre labor under the idea that sensible legistlation = “OBAMAZ GON CUM TAKE MAH GUN AND SHOOT MY FAMILY AND MAH BIBLE WITH IT!”
    Its pathetic. So please, Jason, cram it.

  11. I’m slightly left-leaning, but Babin’s got a point. So does Alex Jones. Obama isn’t really the Dick Cheyney type, but maybe someday in the future an old evil fuck like that gets elected who is completely power hungry, hasn’t taken mushrooms ever, and hasn’t had sex in 40 years (Like Dick Cheney). You take away the guns. and Add that to the NDAA being passed last year, and it’s Nazi germany/Soviet Russia all over again when a guy like that gets elected.

  12. Columbine.Aurora.Sandy Hook. Every shooter was on SSRI Anti Depressant drugs. how convienent Prescription drugs kill 100,000 people a year in the USA. Guns kill 11,000 yr.
    Babin is just a parrot.
    another poster got it right….it’s about control.
    ps Alex Jones is a wingnut.

  13. @SPSP So.. will the state be handing in their assault rifles and large ammo clips? I don’t thnk so.
    “Limiting” assault weapons? So, again, you’re saying you advocate violence, via arrest, against someone wanting to peacefully own an inatimate object called an assault rifle right?
    I don’t get how you think writing laws and giving the gov. a monopoly on the use of assault rifles, is going to help anyone except the people wishing to use those weapons on others. Liberals flock to the most delusional, utopian arguments, and seriously lack any sense of praxeology, objective reasoning, and most importantly, history.
    disclaimer: not a ‘publican.

  14. OneFlyGuy-
    While I agree- things can be abused- I think I have a solution to your scenario. Instead of fearing you hypothetical situation- and because of it, allowing mass shootings to still take place- why don’t we do this:
    Seems like a simpler solution.

  15. 40% of home invasions in the UK happen when the person is HOME. compared to just 10% in USA. proof that you dont even need to own a gun to benefit from the freedom to own one.
    i swear some of you really believe a piece of paper with an opinion on it (a law) is what keeps people from doing bad things. grow the fuck up

  16. AL TRU, do you have an interesting conspiracy theory i could look into, bored at work and CB
    isn’t keeping me awake nowadays with all the posts about athletes who don’t play in philly. Thanks, your buddy. MM

  17. Gotta agree with AI TRU on this one. It seems like this whole guns debate thing going on right now is just a smokescreen. No one ever mentions prescription drugs, or even the 115,000 innocent people killed by gynecologists every day… It’s depressing, really.
    Oh yeah, and Michael is a changed man! Gotta love the kid!! blah blah blah no one cares

  18. Jimmy-
    I’ll respond to you one more time, then that’s it. No need to go any further with this since we obviously disagree (which is fine).
    The state has drones, surface-to-air missiles, nuclear submarines, etc. Does that mean you should also be able to possess those things? We have weapons restrictions already (for good reason), now we’re just haggling over where we draw the line. And I draw it at allowing any citizen who wants to purchase a weapon capable of mowing down dozens of people in a short time span. Can lunatics find their way around that? Of course they can. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make it harder for them.
    I didn’t say we’d arrest the people who legally own the guns right now. I, frankly, don’t know exactly how to handle that. Maybe a grandfather rule, banning future sales along with a lucrative enticement to turn in assault weapons currently held.
    I’m not a liberal, as you’re not a republican. I subscribe to neither “side” of politics in this country- I take each issue individually. These aren’t utopian ideas, you can see the actual evidence in other countries with stricter gun control. Their gun violence and murder rates are lower than ours. That indicates it works there. Again, you’re citing history where dictators and governments took all firearms, and that’s not what I (or most pro-gun control people) are advocating. Just sensible regulation.
    Lastly, I don’t know why you brought up taxes. That’s a completely different argument which both sides have meritorious reasoning in, and here is neither the time nor place to have that debate.

  19. Jimmy Russell…Last time I checked, the state handles all the tanks, rocket launchers, mortars, mines, and flamethrowers in this country. And with the occasional rare slip up, grenades and explosives too.
    Haven’t heard of many domestic tank killings lately, have you?
    And whens the last time our Orwellian, big bad brother, tyrannical government actually used any of that high artillery firepower on us? What signs are there that its going to? The NDAA passed last year was bad, but with the right legislative and lobbying push, it can easily be repealed. And if it did, do you really think our assault weapons would be much good against it?

  20. Please stop showing articles about this baboon neanderthal. Maybe his gun will discharge while he is cleaning it.

  21. LaPierre:
    “EVERYONE LISTEN UP!” No matter what, keep straw-manning any discourse from “semi-automatic assault weapons” to “all guns”. It’s the only card we have!

  22. Since he now plays in what’s possibly the 3rd dumbest state in the union (after Texas and Mississippi), he’ll probably get a bump in his fanclub for these tweets.

  23. Jimmy..You say you dont have to spaz out to argue against gun control, yet you’re not doing a very good job of it.
    I dont get how the anti-gun control side has fallen so much into this apocalyptic paranoia. Everyone on that side talks about their guns and freedoms being taken away, as if Obama is just gonna ban guns and forcibly take them away from people who bought them legally. It’s such bullshit. Just think about it for one second, Jimmy. In the past 20 years, the NRA and other gun lobbies have won you the most freedoms, most luxuries, and least amount of intrusions on guns in the civilized world, bar none. Yet you complain about how victimized you are. The line in this country for what’s unacceptable to be in the hands of citizens starts at heavy artillery and explosives. How exactly has the evil government wronged you again? Moving that line down a notch to include weapons that allow skinny, unintimidating, untrained, unqualified dorky white kids to spray bullets on crowds of people as if they were using a garden hose is not going to infringe on any law abiding citizens right to bare arms. And if you think it does, then I assume you’re ok with the average citizen being able to control an unmanned drone or explosives.
    Look at the rest of the world, which has moderate to severe restrictions on guns and Do the math: The most ( and strongest) laws + less guns = yearly gun death statistics that don’t even reach the hundreds.
    Now the USA: The least amount (and flimsiest) gun laws in the civilized world + the most amount of guns of any civilized nation = By far, the most gun related crime and death by miles in the civilized world.
    More rules, less guns = less death. Less rules, more guns, = more death. It’s 1 + 1 = 2, not 1 + 1 = .357 magnum.

  24. Many morons who seem to be preparing to live in an Orwellian America that plays out like a John Carpenter movie fail to mention that the 2nd Amendment actually contains the words “well regulated militia”. There is nothing well regulated about going to a gun show and being able to buy an AK.

  25. Wow, Kyle. This blog post you wrote is about the most racist thing I’ve read all month.

  26. “i swear some of you really believe a piece of paper with an opinion on it (a law) is what keeps people from doing bad things. grow the fuck up”
    Totally agree with this, Jimmy. People break laws all the time. So you know what? Fuck ’em! Let’s not even have any laws at all. Let’s just give everyone a bunch of guns and whenever someone does something we don’t like we just fuckin kill them. No government no laws no nothing. Wherever has the best shot and the most powerful weapons arsenal wins. Ready?… And GO!!

  27. ^ You just described Yemen. J-Babs should take a tour over there with his slut wife and see how long it takes for them both to get raped and decapitated.

  28. Captain Black is right…All these barbarians demanding teachers carry guns and wanting armed guards at every corner need to take a good hard look around the world and find the countries that actually do operate that way…They’re all shithole 3rd world countries lead by tyrannical regimes and ruthless terrorists; places where car bombs and sandy hook are weekly occurrences. These NRA nuts go on about the second amendment but can’t stop and think for 2 seconds that a militant state is the last thing the founding fathers wanted. Whether its the citizens patrolling or not, the founding fathers wrote the second amendment as a last resort against a crazy government, not the first and only resort for solving every day problems. Practically all anti-gun control arguments, after 5 seconds thought and dissection of all the flashy jargon they use, are completely baseless, exists in their own reality, and can be turned completely inside out…Jesus fuck, just think for two seconds, people

  29. someone who thinks, thinks he knows all. what gun law would have stopped sandy hook? NONE, he took the guns from his mom who owned them legally. Drugs are illegal, yet you still get high. if someone wants a gun, there will always be a way to get one. Practical gun control? like the 357 laws on the books currently?

  30. Two thoughts:
    First, isn’t it ironic that Jason Babin argues for guns when he was the one who was so careless as to have guns stolen from his own possession?
    Second, anyone who argues that we need guns as a form of protection from the state is delusional. Arguing that we do is incredibly disrespectful to the Marines.

  31. Mcline….if the 94 assault weapons ban didn’t expire, there’s a good chance she wouldn’t have been able to buy that weapon. Would this untrained kid have been able to do as much damage with the handguns he had? Would he have had the balls to even goto the school without the ar 15? Who knows what the answer to those questions are, but your blind willingness to simply not explore those questions and find out the answers, out of misplaced anger and paranoia, is part of the problem, and part of the reason tragedies like this happen.
    Also…What about aurora? The guy, legally, bought an ar 15, two glocks, and a 12 gauge pump action, along with 8000 rounds of ammo through several different sites on the Internet. Oh, and he did it in almost a month. Thats the gunshow loophole at work roght there. You think if there were consistent laws regarding background checks and requirements for purchase at the federal level, IE the closing of the gunshow loophole, and not a tangled web of state laws that provide confusion and loopholes, that maybe a few red flags would’ve went up for him?
    And regardinf those 357 laws (some of which date back over half a century and dont address modern issues/culture)….Maybe if the ATF wasn’t severely underfunded, due to skeptecisim and fear of defeat from NRA puppet politicians, those laws would be more strictly enforced. You gun people are always saying how we need to enforce the laws on the books, yet you have no problem with the NRA scaring politicians and law enforcement agencies away from doing just that.

  32. Here’s the best info so far on Sandy Hook. too many loose ends..
    do your own research….google “”
    The TSA will be groping you at the Train stations and bus stations real soon.
    My NRA buddies have said for years that the laws are on the books, they’re not enforcing them.
    but then on the other hand….paddle faster, i hear banjos

  33. Also, drugs are illegal and people still use them, yes….But you honestly think crack and heroin and meth should be legal? You think the drug related crime/death statistics would be the same or lower if it was a free for all? Get real.

  34. @Someone Who Thinks: Columbine.Aurora.SandyHook….all shooters were on SSRI drugs. Adam Lanza was on Fanapt, a drug briefly pulled off the market. Crack and meth are a whole different animal. Some of our troops are protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan. Some college Economics book have a chapter on the Heroin Trade. Lawyers, Guns & Monet.

  35. Our personal rights have been eroding away for 10 years, both parties are implicit. meanwhile you’re placated with tech, video games and “free” health care. Someone who thinks should see that, it’s bold and in your face, maybe you can think but you sure as fuck can’t see.

  36. I work for a defense company. The patriot acts 1 & 2 , and the new NDAA are going to be visible soon enough. the first predator drone deployed in the US down in Houston Tx police force. In Boston, transit buses being outfitted with hidden microphones to monitor conversations. The NFL spent $1 million to lobby Congress to use drones over every stadium on sundays. They distract Joe Sixpack with iPhones Ipods Call Of Duty etc while our basic freedoms are incrementally being done away with. Remember this: People only focus on the hood ornament – Obama & Congress. The George Soros’s of this world run the grand chessboard.

  37. MM and Al Tru… I get all your points. It’s a discussion we should definitley be having, especially with the NDAA…That has slippery slope written all over it. Same with the patriot act. I don’t blame anyone for voicing concerns over those things. But how have those things affected freedom for the most part? I get that there’s behind the scenes stuff and cover ups that probly go on that were blind from, ad thats far from ok…but I don’t really see the fire and brimstone part of this happening.
    Also, what do those things have to do with you not being allowed to own an assault rifle? How do you go from banning assault weapons directly to the govenment is going to incinerate us? Even if those get banned, we’re still going to be the most heavily armed civilized nation in the world. And again, if this apocalyptic future actually comes true and our government turns on us, what good match are we when they bust out their drones and tanks?
    Also…on the drugs..yes, they were on those drugs. So are a bajillion others…The problem is, the ones who decide to pick up guns do the most damage by far. You can say guns don’t kill; people do all you want, but if those same drugged up kids didn’t have access to those weapons, they weren’t killing dozens of people with a baseball bat or a machete.

  38. Half empty. half full. endless debate. Better yet, let’s do a betting pool on the 1st state that gets martial law and door to door searches.
    kinda like Fantasy football with hollow point.

  39. The argument is more so about your privacy and core principles/rites being eliminated in general, however, You’re obviously the type of person who believes that anyone in power, which you mistakenly percieve as the government, has your best interests in mind all you need to do is pull the right lever and everything will take care of itself. I suppose thats what the professors told you. You need to rethink that, do some research. WHEN HAS THAT EVER BEEN TRUE!? Conversely, It seems like you have alot of faith in human nature, (unless of course a human posesses an assault rifle) a good thing, never change. What you’re missing is that maniacs and criminals are sub human. You’d eliminate a core priviledge and nothing would change. The united states has been terrorizing the rest of the world since world war two under the veil of freedom and democracy, this country is certainly capable of turning on it’s own citizens. i suggest you start with CIA legacy of ashes, it’s a left leaning read so it will sit well on your palate, great read, then, dig deeper.

  40. Ok, dude. While you fight some endless crusade against an apocalyptic future that has a slim chance of MAYBE happening, I’ll be here in reality, dealing with real problems that are happening today. You can ignore the potential to save hundreds, if not, thousands of lives in the present in favor of the battle against whatever fantasy dictatorship you think this country, a country founded on liberty, is going to turn into. Fine. Make all the connections to Stalin, Hitler and whoever else you want and keep equating minute legislative action to full fledged armaggedon…Just keep telling yourself whatever you need to to keep overlooking the fact that never in OUR history, US history, has the government done anything like youre saying. The things that have come closest to it appaling and should be stopped, but are no where near on the fire and brimstone level youre talking about. You keep being delusional and worry about our oh-so horrible future where we all burn, and the rest of us will worry about actual reality, k?

  41. Not only that, but IF that were to happen, someday, do you honestly believe an assault rifle is going to help you against drones, smart bombs and tanks full of soldiers/robots with guns that outclass yours? No. Fucking. Way.
    But yeah, let’s ignore real problems that seem to be getting worse to ineffectively protect against a non-guaranteed tyrannical future. Makes a ton of sense.

  42. Wow, i feel so much better knowing your out there fighting for the common man by taking his rights away. your solution doesn’t solve any percentage of the problem yet you’re willing to change the constitution over it. You’re also the only one talking about fire and brimstone, sound like a repressed baptist. There are no white hats, just somebody else with all the money they could ever spend that has decided they are bored with the accumulation of wealth, they’ve moved on to power and want to control what you think, say and do.
    Freedom is on life support in this country but don’
    t worry weed will be legal in pa in the next 5 years to distract you a bit more DUDE.

  43. “As a US citizen, I have and will always have the most freedom with guns out of any civilized country in the world. But my freedom is on life support”
    Yep…If big bad obamer takes away the ability to carry 30 rounds in a clip, thats gonna be a slippery slope to government knocking down our doors and forcing its way into our lives…But I suppose you support armed guards at every corner and ever public venue imaginable, cause thats so much better. A private citizen would NEVER abuse their powers *cough* MOBS..GANGS *cough*..>Makes complete sense to me.

  44. And yeah, taking away freedoms is exactly what i said I intend to do by talking about gun control. Go ahead…Keep equating common sense regulation that doesnt infringe on a WELL REGULATED militia into an assault on not just your second amendmant right, but all your freedoms in general. Awesome

  45. I voted for Obama. Were you around for Egypt and Libya? All types of guns were illegal in both countries. Lotsa people had assault rifles. Maybe Ghadafi should have dropped flyers on the crowds reminding them about the law with his fighter planes. Have you ever been outside the u.s? I’ve lived in Sweden, South Africa and the U.K. in the last decade. Also lived in France for awhile, i work for Volvo. Everytime i have to cop a bag of weed, get my car inspected, go to 2 different stores to get a beer and groceries the American freedom thing makes me chuckle. Read the book young buck, have a good weekend.

  46. K you voted for OBama…That has what to do with this conversation?
    And Egypt? Libya? Oh, yeah…Cause the USA is SOOOO much like those two meccas of freedom…What, with our dictatorships, chaos on the streets, and terrorist cells everywhere…Its not hitler or stalin, but I give you an A for effort….
    And stupid alcohol sales rules? Illegal weed? GETTING YOUR CAR CHECKED?!?? These are the over reaching governmental intrusions that are so utterly damning to our freedoms and society? Yeah man, I hate the stupid PA beer rules, but its a far cry from my freedoms being raped. Get not delusional, man.

  47. Do you read your own posts? you mentioned Obamer? at the end of the day, Your law just makes the gun more expensive. It just creates another black market, which creates crime, see the “war on drugs” Didn’t know about all the terror attacks in egypt and libya during ghadafi and mubarek’s totalitarian police states thanks for the history lesson, hahahahahaha christ what a fuckhead. Somone who thinks?, you’d need a brain transplant to upgrade to retard, please self castrate asap and do the world a favor.

  48. Whatever, asshole. I hope you enjoy being miserable in your fantasy land where silly alcohol laws and car inspections equates us to Libya. Have fun living in a world where you can’t actually have fun, because that would just be a silly distraction and allow the evil government to damn us all.

  49. @Someone who thinks: Either you are very uninformed or a shill. SWAT teams on the East Coast are being sent to a Training facility in Ohio for “Civil Unrest” I work with people who have friends and family in SWAT divisions and they have told their families ” Something is coming; will affect the USA for 4-6 months, entire grid may go down, food and supplies” etc. I am a realist. During WW2 there were armed soldiers on every train and bus. If the dollar tanks this year ? good luck with your 401k.
    Alot of banking financial people are resigning/retiring in droves and moving to the mid west. see a pattern here ? Ordo Ab Chao, DUDE.

  50. Ok, dude. I’m shaking in my boots. Were supposed to completely ignore gun violence because a few other paranoid clowns like you interpret civil unrest training to mean “the government is going to take our food, water, and electricity away for months”? Again: going from a – z in one step. Fuck that.
    And Yes…In the 40s… During an event called world war two. There were armed guards on trains and buses. Gee, I wonder why. It couldn’t have had anything to do with security or anything. No, silly me….it was to make sure that our citizens had no freedoms…that’s why we got involved with that war, because why let our enemies take away our freedoms when we can just do it ourselves…Makes perfect fucking sense. And it obviously ended so bad for us…Oh, but I guess you know something we all don’t, like that pearl harbor was an inside job or something…Also, keep supporting the NRA and their call for guards around school children…cause ya know..Armed guards at transportation centers are terrible but armed guards in schools are soooo much better.

  51. @Someone who knows: you know nothing. The NSA released documents that proved the british had deceiphered the japanese naval codes and knew the exact location of their fleet. That means pearl harbor was allowed to happen for the USA to enter WW2. FDR couldn’t fight Hitler in the Atlantic, so the pacific theatre was chosen. Ancient history. Your observations are all over the map. Fear keeps people in line. The Romans called it “creating your enemies” communism,socialism,muslims,al queda,taliban,bin laden,saddam…politicians job is to tell us who the bad guys are. England gave up their guns in a month. same with Austraila. Sen. Diane Feinstein has been quoted as saying “Mr & Mrs America, we’re going to get all the guns” Japanese Admiral Yakamoto knew this in the 1930s ” The American mainland will never be invaded; there is a rifle behind evey blade of grass” Look into the executive order NDAA that Obama signed in 2011. The military can take US citizens from their homes without a warrant. so stick to your iPhone and fantasy football. History will repeat and you won’t even notice.

  52. Agreed, Al TRU. Your mention of the MURDER RATE in AMERICA being 4.8 compared to 1.3 in Britain, in an of itself is misleading….BECAUSE MURDER CAN BE COMMITTED WITH ANTIFREEZE. Murder is not limited to guns of anykind, hand, hunting, “assault”. Murder is just as likely to happen with a knife or a blunt object that can be easily grabbed in the heat of the moment. The only times that murder typically happens with a gun is when it is completely thought out by a mental person, or when the WRONG person has a gun, legally or illegally. So for a select few, all have to suffer? Honestly, because people DON’T have guns like in Britain, kidnapping and other crimes have become more prominent in countries where the gov’t reigns over people’s lives.

  53. Bully…the difference between anti-freeze and any other mainstream consumer PRODUCT you wanna equate with GUNs, is that anti freeze wasn’t made for killing people. The newtown, aurora, sik temple, gabby Gifford, columbine shootings, and all other shootings for that matter, WERENT COMMITED WITH ANTI FREEZE. Or any of those other products. Adam Lanza didn’t, and couldn’t have, blown away 30 people with anti freeze. Or a bat. Or a knife. Or probably not even a handgun most likely, since he hadnt had any formal training. And you bringing up that “misleading” Britain stat just proves my point, because they have the same potential to kill with household objects as we do, but they don’t have guns…SO THEIR MURDER RATE IS SMALLER!
    Also, your claim that other crimes/types of murders spike in countries with less or no guns is unsubstantiated. Look at Australia…After a newtown-esque style shooting, their 12th one in a decade, they banned the two weapons used most in massacre shootings: automatic pump action shotguns and military style assault rifles…In the years since, they haven’t had one mass shooting, gun crime and murder went down 59 percent…FIFTY NINE. And at the same time, there was no visible spike in non gun related crimes. And best of all, no ones hand guns, hunting rifles, or other non-military style guns were taken away. The goverrnment didn’t break down any doors and everyones freedoms remained in tact…So please do some research next time you comment.
    And really? The ONLY two situations where gun homicides take place is with whackos or “bad guys”? What, are half of us perfect and half of us born criminal scumbags from day one? No law abiding citizen has ever shot someone by accident or intentionally in a spur of the moment thing? Straw sales don’t exist? Everything is black and white all of a sudden? No law abiding citizen has ever escalated a situation with a gun because it made them an instant threat? That’s never happened? Seriously..There are people that fall through the cracks in every facet of crime and law enforcement : rapists, thieves, drink drivers, killers, addicts, etc…but we have rules so that when they do, we have a chance of catching them or stopping them. We dont get en all, because you never bat 1000 in any aspect of life, but we have the laws because we know thhat we can still have an effect; still mitigate the grizzly results. We dont advocate for our freedom to buy rape kits or have crack legalized…

  54. A can be scared of our government from 80 years ago, or our government from 80 years from now. Makes no difference to me. As you know, we also locked up Asian people back then, and I don’t think that’ll be happening again. I know about the NDAA..It sucks and needs to be repealed. But You’re harping on the nDAA but arguing that everything congress does is a distraction…the government has never needed authorization to abuse their powers. And again, it does happen..Same thing I said to bully stands for government too: no one bats 1000, ad there’s always going to be the threat of government abusing its powers. I get it..But again…ignoring reasonable restrictions with gunsthe type of reason we apply to every other facet of law and crime, that has the potential to save thousands of lives is NOT a distraction.
    But sure, keep backing the NRA and others out there who would have a country where guns can’t be touched whatsoever, but would just as soon ban video games or violent movies. Keep talking about taking away freedoms, when the NRA lobbied congress to halt the CDCs research on gun violence…because, you know, restrictions on gun magazines are terrivle, but freedoms taken away legally in the name of money and political power are just fine. And sure, keep on ignoring technological luxuries that make life easier for a life where you cling to your gun 24/7 and just wait for the chance to shoot a government official. Cause thats what you sound like. You can say youre not paranoid or youre a realist all you want…but regardless of what you actually are, you sound just like every other nut out there.
    And sure, I’m the distracted one who’s going to burn when the government or england or bane or whoever takes over…I’ll just e distracted with my football and my phone, but you’ll be on the front lines…Oh wait, you’re on a sports blog, on a computer, using the Internet…Just like me. Fuck you

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