Marcus Hayes Blasts Andy Reid

I am extraordinarily hard on Marcus Hayes and his usually awful, staccato sonnets. But when he writes something worth reading, I’ll happily steer you towards it.

Today, Hayes gets a standing ovation for blasting Andy Reid for the 2012 season. 

An excerpt:

A cataclysmically awful signing; the drug-related death of a nepotistic hire; the insistence by his agent that he could coach in Philadelphia forever; the firing of a loyal, if miscast, lieutenant, and the subsequent, disastrous ascension of an overmatched assistant; the late-game injury to the most valuable player on the team in an unwinnable game; the dismissal of an insubordinate defensive lineman, then his insubordinate position coach.

And, throughout, Reid's pernicious refusal, in defiance of his owner's dictate, to put a congenial face on the franchise he represented.

These things actually happened.

We checked our notes.

What happened Aug. 5 might be the worst thing to happen in Philadelphia sports history.

Reid's oldest child, Garrett Reid, died of a heroin overdose in August at training camp. Garrett, 29, was in employ of the Eagles as a strength coach, despite no qualifications for the job besides bloodlines. He was on property the team leased, actively serving in his capacity as a coach. Steroids and syringes also were found in his room.

In 2007, Garrett went to jail on drug charges. Steroids were in the mix then, too. In 2009 he went back to jail for fighting at a halfway house.

No coach in the NFL has the sort of baggage Garrett Reid carried.


Go read.


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  1. The Crossing Broad template for blog posts:
    Dumb into
    Two word conclusion
    Happy New Year!

  2. Usually not a Marcus Hayes fan, but this column is dead-on. Kudos especially for having the stones to call out Reid for Garrett’s steroids. Yes, it’s a terrible tragedy, but that doesn’t make it OK what Reid did.

  3. The only thing that could have surprised me more about that piece would’ve been if Eagles buttmunch Phil Sheridan wrote it. Astonishing stuff when you consider the source. Never thought I’d say this, but my hat’s off to Hayes for bring the truth to light about everything that went on concerning Reid.

  4. Actually it’s not dead-on as Marcus completely neglected to mention the entire failed Vick experiment under Reid.

  5. Shit like this is why the Philly fans get a bad wrap. Reid gave us years of winning football didnt accomplish the ultimate goal but now that he is gone we want to throw him under the bus. We did the same shit with T O.

  6. RIP you’re a lapdog. Reid did give us years of winning, years that mostly ended 8 years ago. He deserves to be run out of town for what he turned our franchise into in recent seasons, if you don’t see that I don’t know what else to say.

  7. Newsflash, RIP: Reid threw the team under the bus with the shitty moves he made over the last couple of years which sent the Eagles down the toilet.

  8. What’s his kid dying have to do with the Eagles? Kid wasn’t an official coach.

  9. ThePhillyFlash doesn’t get, because he’s not intelligent enough to get it. R I P CrossingBroad is clearly brighter.
    The petulance of the Philly “fan” never ceases to amaze me. The Eagles are on the verge of emulating what the Cardinals used to be in the 20th century. Hard times are on the way, and hearing/reading the rhetoric surely will be delightful.

    And I like local teams, to the dicks who want to use poor vernacular (i.e. “troll”) to lambast my dissent.

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