“McCoy confirmed every stereotype of the spoiled, arrogant professional athlete”

With a headline that Philly.com editors had undoubtedly been jonesing to use, Scandal Exposes Real McCoythis column from Phil Sheridan is fierce:

Of course, McCoy succeeded mostly in humiliating himself. Nothing that he said about the woman in question, or that she said about him, is as damning as what McCoy revealed about himself.

He criticized the woman for having sex with him before he even knew her name, without any apparent awareness that this makes him equally sleazy. He accused her of lying about being on birth control, without any apparent awareness that a man is equally responsible.


Full thing here.


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  1. Vick, DJax, Babin (until they got rid of him), and now McCoy. What a totally unlikable team. I might not care as much if they weren’t 4-12! Chip Kelley needs to clean house and get some character people in here.

  2. Yeah let’s go ahead and get rid of one of the top RBs in the game because of a public argument. Makes sense.

  3. Hey now fcskills – Pitt has had some quality football players come out of there. And you know who they are, Marino, Dorsett, Fitzgerald and even McCoy. Don’t hate #HailtoPitt

  4. Luckily, Valtrex isn’t on the League’s list of banned substances because between Ron Mexico and McCoy the Eagles would be in trouble.

  5. Typical black who doesnt wear condoms, hates babies & doesn’t tip

  6. because noone has ever put their dick into anyone they dont know ? get off your fucking high horses… jesus fucking christ.
    he plays football, is fucking 24, and has pussy thrown at him everytime he is in public.
    he is dumb for knocking bitches up, but not dumb for slaying vaginas.

  7. After reading some of the comments in this post, Kyle has no right to highlight the racist tweets from other cities about Wayne Simmonds.

  8. he’ll rack up 2 or 3 more Baby Mama’s before he’s done.
    He’ll pay child support out the wazoo (based on current salary) to 3 or 4 skanks, then he’ll be out of football and dead fucking broke like so many wonderful role models before him
    what else is on TV ?

  9. cheese, it is widely known and accepted that the posters of this site are free to write and express racist, sexist, and homophobic comments and even threaten one another on this site. however, the topic that is absolutely off-limits and is total grounds for removal is the criticism of chickie’s and pete’s fries. that is where kyle draws the line. all hail the turtleneck!

  10. @ candy…I was just driving behind a colored who didn’t use their blinker while turning. Since he was a negro, I figured he also didn’t have insurance. Probably has something stolen in his trunk too.

  11. Wow, a couple of smelly niggers complain about the aids they gave each other and it makes headlines…Who gives a shit about these apes and their banana peels?

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