NBC Thinks Penguins Won Playoff Series Last Spring

image from mobilwi.typepad.comSay… what?

Oh, mega conglomerate, no. You didn’t. You own the Flyers. And NBC. How do you get this wrong?

“And Claude Giroux and the Flyers have their sights set on revenge for last season's playoff loss to Pitt.”

Yeah, no.

Video after the jump.

H/T to (@frsstrm33), Victoria and Vince, who sent the video


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  1. @maureen, do you like to 69 in am. Also the pens will win the cup, they have a captain with heart

  2. Candy from the Oak manages to still find the time to post in between abducting kids from schools

  3. I don’t know how much heart Crosby has, but he’s sure getting plenty of fellatio from NBC. Wow! That’s amazing. Embarrassing too.

  4. I second Erik Daniele – this fucking pisses me off! Even when the Penguins get SMOKED, the ass-kissers at NBC still think they won.

  5. going to be a busy season for Mr. Edward Murphy with all the injuries. back to back games are going to take a toll

  6. @Sean….Nice “Slap Shot” reference. BTW, still at the fuckin’ Chrysler plant…Hopre all is well w/ you

  7. @Brian: That’s actually Games 1,2,3 and 6. Jesus, people. Shake off the rust! Season starts Saturday.

  8. Can wait to smell all the pussy in xfin after the game, hopefully all the Delco trash who can’t afford tixs are cleared out.

  9. Wow, they actually even recorded a VO for it and still nobody picked up on the mistake. What kind of “sports” people are working at NBC?

  10. Mr. Lenny,
    I certainly hope and pray that you are very wrong on the subject. I cannot get too deep in the topic due to certain legal matters, but during my offseason meeting with upper management, I was assured that this would not be the case. They vowed to clean up their policies and make safety a priority. They agreed that the problem had reached epic proportions during recent years. One thing is for certain, we will be watching very close early on to ensure that the past does not repeat itself. Make no mistake about it.

  11. Just a sign of things to come…My money is on the Pens to win the cup this year…
    What better way to rebuild a sport then to have the face of the sport lift the cup in the first year back…
    Just sayin

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