Oh Don’t Worry, Andy Reid Reportedly Thinks He Can Fix Kevin Kolb

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And now I'll just wave my hands and fix a terrible quarterback

If Andy Reid is one thing, he’s arrogant. He can fix you. He can make you better. Only he can solve your lack of skill*. So it should come as no surprise that, according to a report from NFL.com’s Ian Rapoport, Reid’s pitch to the Arizona Cardinals, with whom he will meet tomorrow, will be that he can fix Kevin Kolb, who is terrible. And also who Reid benched in favor of Michael Vick two years ago.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio put it best:

The suggestion that Reid can make Kolb play better than he has in Arizona overlooks a few things.  First, Kolb didn’t play all that well in Philly, once he finally got the chance to start.  Second, Kolb is injury prone, and that’s something no quarterback guru can fix.  Third, Reid’s reported plan is a direct slap at Ken Whisenhunt; if Kolb needs to be “fixed,” it means that Whisenhunt somehow “broke” him.  Fourth, wouldn’t Reid’s better strategy be to claim he can get Mike Vick to come to town, since Vick is the guy Reid chose over Kolb?


But don’t worry, Reid can fix him. He can do anything that other coaches can’t do: Run the Wildcat offense. Win with an ex-con running quarterback. Reform Terrell Owens. Draft a firefighter. Win an NFC Championship without a decent wide receiver. Turn an offensive line coach into a master defensive coordinator. Stay in one place for 14 years without winning a Super Bowl.

But before Reid has a chance to fix Kolb, he will meet with the Chiefs, in Philadelphia, today, according to Adam Schefter.

*Yes, we're totally in that stage of the breakup where we rail on the other person for things that didn't even bother us all that much during the relationship. Next comes total avoidance.


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  1. This site has gone to shit. I understand that part of your job is to rip people, but now you’re just nit-picking with recycled bullshit. When you went to past job interviews (if you ever actually held a real job), did you tell the employer the shit that you couldn’t think you could do? Obviously I think Reid’s time here was up, but to act as if he’s Rich Kotite makes you sound like an asshole. Instead of writing more bullshit articles, practice talking in front of a camera because it’s embarrassing watching you stutter like the “and boom goes the dynamite” kid.

  2. Reid did win an NFC Championship without a decent wide receiver.
    Owens did not play in the playoffs in 2004-05 until the Super Bowl. A game which the Eagles lost.
    Their two post season wins that season were with Freddie Mitchell and Todd Pinkston as their receivers. Neither of whom were really any good.

  3. Andy Reid is anything but arrogant. That characterization is completely off base.

  4. Once the Eagles strongest coach, Jim Johnson died, the defense went to shit. Andy couldnt bullshit his way out of that.
    Reid was never a game day coach.
    ” We knew from day one what a shitty playcaller he was”

  5. Agree with some of these other guys.. I thought the whole point of ripping Reid and booing was to get our point accross and hope that ownership would make a change. Guess what, the change happened. He’s gone. Isn’t there enough shit going on right now with the prospect of a new coach and a bunch of roster changes that need to happen that you can get past the whole Reid has always sucked headline? Same sour grapes shit as Richards and Carter. The guy isn’t here any more. And while the move should’ve happened a few years ago, I’m not gonna blame him for the move that Jeff Lurie didnt make. For all of his short comings, he still molded this team and fan base into one that expects to win. I’m 28 and for most of my true fan life, I’ve routed for a team that I expected to make the playoffs and make a run every year. Not one where everyone does shots when they finally get into the endzone like the teams that my dad and many others lived through. So I dont need a few years to look back and appreciate Reid. I appreciate him now but I also appreciate that excitement that the change of regime brings right now as well. I was actually excited to come on the site and maybe read about some new coaching candidates or something. Not this. You did your job Kyle, the guy is finally gone. You can stop the piling on with the dramatic bullshit about what him and Kolb may or may not do together. No one in Philly cares.

  6. Jeff Garcia sucked in San Fran before he played under Reid. And it’s not as if Kolb actually had an opportunity to start on a consistent basis in Philly. He stayed what, give games? And only one was a start in which he want just filling in for someone.

  7. If anything, Reid knows quarterbacks. He was in Green Bay and helped mold both Favre and Hasselbeck. He drafted McNabb, Feeley, Kolb & Foles…who all became starters (ne a potential HOFer). Clearly, Feeley & Kolb were far from elite (jury still out on Foles), but he made them look good enough to where Miami & Arizona traded for them. Feeley & Kolb failing makes Reid look even better. Who knows what would’ve came of Kolb if he stayed here, we’ll never know…but there’s no arguing that Reid saw something in him. Obviously, he was wrong in his evaluation in Vick, but he had most of the city fooled as well. By the time Vick came here, he was beyond the tutoring point…if anyone was arrogant, it was him.

  8. Reid is a piece of shit. He did ONE thing right during his 14 years here … hire Jim Johnson.
    I know one thing he can’t fix …….. his family.

  9. I know it is blasphemy to not give all credit to Jim Johnson, but it was Jim Johnson’s defenses out there against St. Louis in ’02, Tampa Bay in ’03, New England in the Super Bowl and Arizona in ’09 that all got shredded.
    Johnson did not adapt in those “big games” that Reid didn’t win either.
    They had several opportunities to get off the field on 3rd down in the 4th quarter against Arizona and Kurt Warner methodically marched down field to win that game.
    Tom Brady annihilated the Eagles’ Defense in the Super Bowl in the second half and in the St. Louis game Marshall Faulk, well I think Faulk is still running all over the place because the Eagles certainly did nothing to stop him in the second half of that NFC Championship game.
    Not to mention the brain dead/ultra conservative defensive strategy against Tampa Bay that made Brad Johnson look like a Hall of Famer.
    Johnson was a great coach; Reid was a great coach. Both had success and both had failures. Both had problems with in game adjustments. Neither won a Super Bowl in Philadelphia.
    Enough already with this “Andy Reid was shit without Jim Johnson” garbage.

  10. Reid does SUCK. WORST playcaller in the League and shitty game day coach.
    Bill Parcells got rid of all the STUPID guys.

  11. DT … nice way to slant the facts for your argument. How many drives did Reid’s playcalling and his QB McNabb throwing worm burner passes into the ground were 3 and out to where the defense was on the field too much.
    How many times in the playoffs would a first down or a clock eating drive seal the game but Reid’s refusal to run the f8cking ball lead to the clock stopping and the ball going to the other team?
    No defensive players puked in the Superbowl.
    Johnson made men, Reid made mistakes.
    You’re a fool if you classify Reid in the “great coach” catagory.

  12. Also, nice move to hire your best friend to be OC/AHC, the guy can’t even get a coin flip in sudden death overtime right.
    And then the mess of putting friend OL Coach as DC.
    Putting son at strength coach when he’s been in jail for steriods and herion.
    Sean McDermott fired by Reid … the mess he put in place.
    Seriously … how the f8ck does anyone defend the guy???

  13. This is absolutely hilarious. If Reid said that he could “fix” Kolb, then why did he trade him in the first place? Oh, yeah, that’s right, Reid had that shiny new toy named Mike Vick he was dying to play with. Talk about rampant hypocrisy.

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