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And now I'll just wave my hands and fix a terrible quarterback

If Andy Reid is one thing, he’s arrogant. He can fix you. He can make you better. Only he can solve your lack of skill*. So it should come as no surprise that, according to a report from’s Ian Rapoport, Reid’s pitch to the Arizona Cardinals, with whom he will meet tomorrow, will be that he can fix Kevin Kolb, who is terrible. And also who Reid benched in favor of Michael Vick two years ago.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio put it best:

The suggestion that Reid can make Kolb play better than he has in Arizona overlooks a few things.  First, Kolb didn’t play all that well in Philly, once he finally got the chance to start.  Second, Kolb is injury prone, and that’s something no quarterback guru can fix.  Third, Reid’s reported plan is a direct slap at Ken Whisenhunt; if Kolb needs to be “fixed,” it means that Whisenhunt somehow “broke” him.  Fourth, wouldn’t Reid’s better strategy be to claim he can get Mike Vick to come to town, since Vick is the guy Reid chose over Kolb?


But don’t worry, Reid can fix him. He can do anything that other coaches can’t do: Run the Wildcat offense. Win with an ex-con running quarterback. Reform Terrell Owens. Draft a firefighter. Win an NFC Championship without a decent wide receiver. Turn an offensive line coach into a master defensive coordinator. Stay in one place for 14 years without winning a Super Bowl.

But before Reid has a chance to fix Kolb, he will meet with the Chiefs, in Philadelphia, today, according to Adam Schefter.

*Yes, we're totally in that stage of the breakup where we rail on the other person for things that didn't even bother us all that much during the relationship. Next comes total avoidance.