Report: Browns are Out on Chip Kelly

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Chip Kelly will not become the head coach of the Browns… which would seem to narrow it down to the Eagles and Oregon.



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  1. I haven’t bought a shred of Eagles merchandise since they signed Vick. Guess I get to save some more money if they sign Kelly & he keeps this washed up bum.
    Gotta love the Eagles. Always thinking outside the box & shooting for the next big thing instead of hiring somebody with, you know, at least a shred of NFL experience, who will engender some immediate respect from the lazy pussies currently taking residence in our locker room.
    Nope. Run & Shoot 2.0. Yee haw. Give Foles his walking papers & place no emphasis on our train wreck defense. Then draft some more Smurf Sized players on offense who’ll get annihilated in the red zone. Again.
    Sign me up.

  2. I had changed my mind on Kelly over the last week or so, figuring he might be smart enough to not import his offense to the NFL and the Eagles might be hiring a smart football guy… but his recent comments about how his system seems to be working OK in Washington leads me to believe that he is a fucking idiot and the Eagles shouldn’t hire him. Unless he can swing a trade for RG3, which is what’s actually working in D.C.
    I’m not interested in watching Michael Vick anymore. I’m just not. I might watch if they’re in the Superbowl, but even then, if they lose the Superbowl by a last-second field goal with Vick, I’ll consider it a wasted evening.

  3. If Vick is still on the team, I am still boycotting. I thought we were finally rid of this sociopath or maybe Andy would be taking him to the Chiefs. I also would rather have McCoy.

  4. Relax, whiners. With Vick due to get $15 million, there’s no way in hell Jeff Lurie will keep him, not even if Vince Lombardi were resurrected and said he wanted the guy.

  5. @jon kruk’s nut – “I might watch if they’re in the Superbowl” …how about you don’t watch it all ya fuckin frontrunner.
    I think Kelly could squeeze out the last of Vick’s abilities while we wait another year or two for a marquee rookie QB that will fit the Kelly system better. The guy’s not dumb. He’d hire a defensive coordinator with NFL experience to turn the team around. Give the dude soem credit.

  6. I bet that greasy spade vick could hold onto the ball if it was a dogs neck

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