Report: Flyers Will Play the Sabres in Buffalo Next Sunday, Also on NBC

Details of the Flyers’ schedule are being released like the peeling of a stale orange– one tiny piece at a time.

Yesterday, confirmation from CSN that the Flyers will host Shittsburgh next Saturday at 3 p.m., likely on NBC. Today, a report from John Vogl of Buffalo News that the Flyers will play the Sabres next Sunday at 12:30, in Buffalo, also on NBC. 

Dems da perks of your team being owned by the same company that owns the TV network.

Expect a full schedule to be released later today or tomorrow… which is great, because at this rate we wouldn't know the full slate until sometime in March.

H/T to (@davegisaac)

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11 Responses

  1. agreed alex. a 3p.m game played only to hop on a plane to go play a game the next day at noon. while the flyers and the NFL have played 24-hour turnarounds in the past, you have to assume the schedule will call for a lot more of them this year and they will also be played in a much shorter time span. so, i believe youre right in that we will see a lot of injuries this season with the condensed play.

  2. No. Flyers emailing sth’s their tix to the first four games. All tix will be re-issued, our current tic books make good fire-starters.

  3. Hi Kyle
    How do I request a refund for the $2k per month I am paying you to advertise on this copy and paste site?

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