Rex Ryan Has a Tattoo of His Wife Wearing Only a Mark Sanchez Jersey

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 9.26.32 AMPhoto: NY Daily News

Rex Ryan may very well have licked his wife’s toes while she was wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey.

This picture, which you will see everywhere today, is of Ryan on vacation in the Bahamas earlier this week. We’ll call your attention to his right arm, where two tattoos adorn the meaty mass. One is of a shamrock and contains the names of Ryan’s wife, Michelle, and kids. The other… is of Michelle wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey and beckoning for you to do dirty things to her (and perhaps her feet). It also appears that she could be Tebowing, which would be the hot-opposite of this porn star doing a Naked Tebow (NSFW!).

It will take an army of psychologists to deconstruct the meaning behind an oft-maligned NFL head coach having a tattoo of his wife, with whom he enjoys a foot fetish, wearing only the jersey of his oft-maligned quarterback. But, Ryan and his wife seem like they are crazy about each other, so there’s certainly something to be said for that. Saying it with that tattoo… well, that’s weird. 


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  1. This a headline on ESPN right now… now sure if Crossing Broad is now legitimate or if ESPN is now in the toilet.

  2. You are always a step behind the fratastic jews at TSP. Not good kyle, not good at all.

  3. If the Eagles hired Rex, he’d definitely bring back the Kelly green.
    Also, think of how great his post game interview would be.

  4. “Oh baby, tell me you’re gonna throw five picks tomorrow! Oh yeah fumble that ball! That’s it throw it five yards behind a receiver!!!! Oh god I love it when you take a terrible sack!!!!!”

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