Sign Guy is Back Outside the NovaCare Complex, Apparently Still Doesn’t Have a Job

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 12.41.55 PMPhoto courtesy of 97.5 The Fanatic's Matt Lombardo

Well, at least he’s happy.

Presser starts at 1:30, and we’ll bring you the live stream so long as the interweb gnomes cooperate.


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  1. He can thank me for that unemployment extension. Glad to see he is using his time wisely instead of looking for job.

  2. @ Candy, where are you from? Fishtown? Kensington? Northeast Philly? Buselton aka Russia East? Or maybe Jersey? I have lived in Delco for 25 years and am proud of it. I have a college degree, a family, 3 cars and a nice big house in Delco. I would take Delco over any of those places in a heartbeat.

  3. Well Delco dirt ball , stop supporting Philly teams and hang down Chester with the union n brothers . The fact you explained yourself makes you more dirty 🙁

  4. I agree with Candy, Delco has a ton of scum bags…I will only let a Delco chick blow me then cum on her face because that’s what you do to dirty little Delco whores

  5. I live in Delco and own my own business, I fuck strippers two at a time while my wife is battling cancer, and I do more coke off of hooker tits than Sheen. DELCO RULES.

  6. @ Candy, nice comeback. I’m sure that I hit the nail on the head. Given the fact that you are a racist I would pick Kensington or Northeast Philly. I’m sure you were at the Northeast airport last night to welcome Chip. And I’m sure that you already have your Wing Bowl tickets lined up. Get a life.

  7. @delco trash-
    Don’t bad mouth the Wingbowl, you white trash pussy.
    Can’t wait to see tits at the Wingbowl

  8. I want to sucker sign man in the back of his head.
    wish lurie would give that loser a lifetime ban.

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