Sixers Tickets: Two Cents

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Reader Dave and his buddy Matt are having trouble unloading their Sixers tickets. Meanwhile, Penn State and Vermont played a hockey game in front of over 19,000 people at the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night.

I'm telling you, folks– one of these days the Sixers will pay you to come out for games.

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24 Responses

  1. Hate to agree with Pierre McGuire about anything ever, but during the Flyers broadcast he said this isn’t a Flyers town, it’s a hockey town. He’s 100% right.

  2. Those tickets are actually $20 each if you account all of the bullshit fees they tack you on with.
    And it’s a shame that the NBA is at it’s all time lowpoint. When all you see are Bulls snapbacks on 14 year old half-a-fags, and a LeBron jersey here and there, it’s dark times for the NBA. Can’t wait until 2014 when Stern retires.

  3. How do you not write anything about the Eagles bringing on Pat Shurmer as OC? What a hack blog you’re running.

  4. Those tickets suck…and the dude probably listed them at $35/each until 2 hours before tip. I know a lot of people that made money selling Sixers tix this year and Bynum hasn’t even played yet. Here is a tip for David, do not buy crappy 200 level tix to a team that barely has a fan base.

  5. I wouldn’t pay two cents to watch a pack of niggers hurl a ball around like a bunch of fuckin apes flinging their shit. Cant even stomach te flyers while they employ that ape Simmons.

  6. YourTixSuck,
    I posted the tickets two days ago. When we realized the price had gone down to $4 per ticket and remained unsold, we lowered the price. When we dropped the price of the ticket to $.02, we did it to prove a point. Do you think it embarrasses the organization when Crossing Broad and Ball Don’t Lie post a story on their team being so pitiful that tickets go for $.02? I would say it does. If I was looking to make money, I would have bought Flyers season tickets. Thank you for your concern in this matter.
    Warmest Regards,
    David Bennett
    p.s. Fuck your mother.

  7. David,
    So you cry to the Crossing Broad and Ball Don’t Lie when your tickets do not sell on Stubhub? The fact is, the Sixers do not care if you post tickets on Stubhub and they do not sell. They already made their money on you. Why is that so hard for people to understand? If you want to “show them” then do not buy season tickets. The fact that your tickets are where they are leads me to think that they Sixers did quite alright selling season tickets (sadly). Sure they mislead the fan base with the whole Bynum thing, but I still do not see how it negatively affects the Sixers that you listed your tickets 2 days before the game, and no one wants your seats. Do you think the Sixers troll SH looking for cheap tickets? NO. They simply do not care about the 2nd hand sales market. And for the record, I have Flyers tickets and if these Sixers seats are indicative of what you will spend on tickets, you cannot afford Flyers tickets.
    P.S. My mom says no thanks. She doesn’t fuck crybaby bitches who piss and moan when their shitty Sixers tickets dont sell on Stubhub.

  8. YourTixSuck,
    Your points are understood, but I’m going to disagree with you. The fact that people are able to go to a Sixers game for $1.50 (referring to the tickets listed below mine) is embarrassing to the organization. Yes, they did get my money, but I can’t imagine they’re laughing all the way to the bank the way you seem to feel they are. I would actually say they’re probably a little bit embarrassed that people have the ability to to see their team play for $1 and choose not to.
    In reference to my ability to pay for tickets, I was 3 rows up at the Flyers season opener this past weekend, I have tickets in the same seats to 3 more games, and I’m the proud owner of Philadelphia Eagles season tickets, as well. Section 128 Row 8 Seats 1 & 2. I think I’m doing quite alright, thanks for asking.
    Have a great rest of your evening,
    David Bennett

  9. The Sixers absolutely do care about the second hand market. The higher the resale value of their tickets, the more value there is in those tickets to potential long-term season ticket holders. At the moment Aron’s goal is and should be to build a loyal fan base, something that Philly has been missing for years. Just because someone bought partial or full season tickets this year, does not mean they are likely to come back.
    So if you think he likes to see his tickets going for cents on the dollar, you’re wildly misinformed.

  10. It’s a damn shame really. I like the Sixers, but not even I would want to go to games as this team just doesn’t interest me much these days. Meanwhile, Vic has a point about “Obama is a tyrant’s”. A vulgar post like that should not have been allowed to see the light of day.

  11. I see your point Jake, but I disagree somewhat. The Sixers are trying to build a LOYAL fanbase. NOT a resale fanbase. While I understand the logic you are employing to make your point, I think that Aron has bigger concerns than 1 random guy who lists his tickets for 2 cents on Stubhub then takes a screen shot in order to make some sort of “point”. I have lower level aisle tickets and I sold them for a profit of $35 for this game (minus stubhub fees). For ever person out there with mediocre tickets (no offense David) that cannot sell them for profit, there are 50 people with good seats that can. I do, however, agree with the sentiment that it should be a black eye on the Sixers that you can get tickets for 2 cents (though with SH fees and parking, its considerably more).

  12. In a sport where you can narrow down the championship to 4 or 5 teams before the season is even played. no thanks.

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