Skate Bites: A Win, More Injuries

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“I don’t know exactly what does it means, “Flyers hockey”– but I like the way the team played tonight, and I think we deserved to win tonight. Because guys play unbelievable, the team looks sharp in crease. It was a great sacrifice made, guys blocking the shots. Nobody cheats. I can’t say enough words here. It was a just great game tonight.” – Ilya Bryzgalov

He followed up that awesome quote by chiding Paul Jolovich for repeating a question that was already asked. Perfect.

But back to the Flyers Hockey thing: Finally someone answered the question, “Was that [team name] [sport]?” the right way. Was that Flyers hockey? Was that Phillies baseball? Was that Villanova basketball? Was that Eagles football? That means nothing, and Bryz answered it perfectly: No, we just played really well.

And so they did. A win. Against the Rangers. How’s that Jam taste, John Tortorella?

Some notes, from the Flyers city-leading (three years running!) PR department:

Tonight’s win snapped an eight-game losing streak to the Rangers.  The Flyers’ last win over the Rangers came almost two years ago, on February 20, 2011.

The line of Tye McGinn (22 years and 5 months), Sean Couturier (20 years, 1 month) and Scott Laughton (18 years, 7 months) had an average age of 20 years, 4 months and was comprised entirely of players born in the 1990s.

Giroux was 10-for-22 (45 percent) on faceoffs tonight, but his 52 faceoffs won on the season and 93 faceoffs taken both currently rank second in the NHL behind Tyler Bozak’s 62 and 103, pending the end of tonight’s games.


On that last point: Did anyone else get the sense that Claude Giroux kept telling teammates to ice the puck in the final minute? Hey, fuckin’, just ice it. I’ll win the faceoff and we’ll just keep doing that. That’s the sort of thing captains do. It’s not always about goal scoring and making big hits, it’s giving your teammates confidence that you’ll be there to back them up or bail them out, though that latter term seems harsh. I get the sense it was the Flyers’ strategy to ice it two consecutive times in the final minute.

Now, of course, the bad news. Paul Holmgren on Scott Hartnell and Zac Rinaldo:

Q: How about Scott Hartnell?

A: We sort of know what it is, a broken first metatarsal in his left foot. Right now we’re trying to decide, we’re talking to the doctor about the best way to proceed with it, in terms of how to approach it. I can’t give you a time frame, it’s probably, gonna be between four to eight weeks depending on how significant the injury is.

Q: Any update on Zac Rinaldo? 

A: He skated today, some tightness though, it feels like a charlie horse to him, the wound has actually healed up fairly quickly.  He’s unlikely to play at all over the weekend.


Andrej Meszaros and his writhing in pain after the second period? He’ll be reevaluated today, but he was seen with a harness on his left shoulder after the game. I’m guessing it was a dislocation, maybe worse.

All the injuries – especially Hartnell’s – led to the Flyers signing Mike Knuble. Who didn’t see that coming from 1,000 miles away? When our old friend Steve Whyno (former Flyers beat writer, now Washington Times Caps scriptual) wrote, on January 9, that Knuble still didn’t have a home, I immediately thought that he would wind up in Philadelphia, because, after all, the Flyers love signing their former players at the end of their careers. For realsies, they should ™ that shit. Mark Recchi. Ruslan Fedotenko. Ron Hextall. Brian Boucher (17 times). Knuble. That list could go on forever. They take care of their own. Nothing wrong with that, either. Especially when it comes to good-guy Knuble, who Whyno continuously calls “the best human on Earth.” Maybe. But I’d be fine with the best aging power forward to score ugly Scott Hartnell goals for a few months on Earth.


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  1. Hartnell broke his big toe fighting thru that hairy asshole of that Muslim weather girl. Flyers should also sign Dave brown or Kerr

  2. Mike Knuble should single-handedly fix their penalty killing units. I can’t tell you how many times I saw him out there on the PK for us standing directly in front of the shooter just covering his face with his glove, forcing the shooter to either shoot it directly at him or pass it. He’s the best penalty killer the Flyers have had since Keith Primeau.

  3. What isn’t mentioned in this post is how good Sestito looked last night coming out of the bullpen. That line put in some work.

  4. So, uh, Kyle… no word on Bryz stealing that game?
    That’s what you wanted, right? Bryz to steal a game? 2 game-saving saves (that Esche, Boosh and Emery don’t stop) on that 5-on-3 as well as more solid play, no bad goals, aware of the length of shift and covering a puck he could have played?
    Come on, dude was a legit number one last night (like he has been all season).
    If you want to rip him when he plays poorly, you gotta give him credit when he plays exceptionally.

  5. Where did you compliment him?
    Quoting him? Or just giving him credit for answering one question the way you want to see him answer it?
    See that’s the thing- you’ll use that as “praising” him, but have it be nothing to do with his play. This way you’re free to rip him with a clear conscience when he gives up one bad goal next week.
    All I want is a “without Bryz, the Flyers don’t win that game last night” from you, Kyle. Praise his actual play, not his words.

  6. Hey Kyle, legit question here. Why are there so many fake Kyle Scott twitter accounts and why is there so much venom thrown at you from other Philly bloggers?

  7. SMH at the sign of the cross foible, WTF? Bryz satisfies the hungry heart, with saves so filthy sweet.

  8. Thanks for replying.
    This was a good article.
    I too was glad to hear Bryzglaov’s answer to Lis Hillary about “Flyers hockey”. I can’t stand those stupid cliches reporters use.

  9. If you really thought that Knuble was a good fit for the Flyers weeks ago, why didn’t you write about it? Come on now, stop covering up for you lack of hockey insights.

  10. @bill P- as long as the al Davis of hockey Eddie “Nickles” Snider is the owner they unfortunately won’t win a cup.

  11. Thinking Snider may be a vampire. The way that sicko puts those guys out there with cheap plastic shoulder pads, poor Mez. it ain’t right.

  12. you guys crack me up. the flyers blinders are on in full force. in what world, besides flyerdom, is the mike knuble signing a good pickup? the dude is ancient, has no skills except for planting his body in front and jamming in rebounds, much like simmons and hartnell except almost 10 years older. the guy might get 10 mins of ice time a game and we are hearing how about this great pick up….wow
    and to the person above who said he is the best PK guy since primeau. are you effing serious? lets see how much time he gets on PK, plus have you ever heard of mike richards?

  13. The Flyers are hiding the fact that good old Mr Snider has Alzheimer’s. he called bryz pelle and called Hartnell a asset

  14. Every year it’s the same old song & dance with the team unable to score with a shit load of injuries. Very annoying

  15. Meszaros out a month, shoulder
    Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hanukkah.

  16. Hey Kyle remember when you said Bryz is mediocre and never wins games for the Flyers? Lol.

  17. Mr Tj,
    I’m happy to see that I am not the only one concerned about player safety. To satisfy your quest for knowledge, my group and I have been protesting at both flyers home games. Unfortunately, this shortened season has not led to less injuries. We’ve seen Mr Rinaldo take a skate that my sources have told me came very close to castrating him. Mr Hartnell has sacrificed his foot, knowing full well that if he were wearing a skate made of brick, his foot would be fully functioning today. I’d imagine he’d be toe fucking Ms. Parveens fartbox as we speak. These senseless injuries must stop and I will be petitioning Mr Snyder to take a meeting as soon as possible.
    Edward Murphy

  18. I must have missed the Bryz compliments…
    Guy wins the team the game (just like Kyle says he never does) and has now played 4 straight games and nothing…I am with JT…man up when he plays well and say it…
    Can’t wait for the next loss so we can read another article where you rip him…
    @Will…But who won?
    @TR…Who else is out there to sign? We didnt grab Knuble because we think he will be an allstar and score 30 goals…hes just a better option then what we have available.

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