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Also, Flyers fail on fucking faceoffs.


Just 34% of faceoffs won. This Tweet, from HockeyBuzz’s Bill Meltzer, I like: 

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Bryz: Played well. He is eighth in the league in goals against and eighth in the league in save percentage. Credit where it’s due. He’s kept the Flyers in several games that they had no business being a part of. Now, if only the cap…

Giroux: EA Sports, seemingly soothsayers, put out this missing persons poster back in September:

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Have you seen this man?!

Knuble? He's still a good guy. 

Positives? Danny Briere had 10 shots on goal last night and the Flyers committed only three penalties. 

The Flyers are now 2-5, though they’re only two points behind the Rangers and Penguins. Post-game highlights and such here.

Reminder: Flyers quizzo tonight at Chickie's and Pete's in Drexel Hill.