Skate Bites: Floundering Flyers Fall For Fifth Time

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Also, Flyers fail on fucking faceoffs.


Just 34% of faceoffs won. This Tweet, from HockeyBuzz’s Bill Meltzer, I like: 

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Bryz: Played well. He is eighth in the league in goals against and eighth in the league in save percentage. Credit where it’s due. He’s kept the Flyers in several games that they had no business being a part of. Now, if only the cap…

Giroux: EA Sports, seemingly soothsayers, put out this missing persons poster back in September:

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Have you seen this man?!

Knuble? He's still a good guy. 

Positives? Danny Briere had 10 shots on goal last night and the Flyers committed only three penalties. 

The Flyers are now 2-5, though they’re only two points behind the Rangers and Penguins. Post-game highlights and such here.

Reminder: Flyers quizzo tonight at Chickie's and Pete's in Drexel Hill.


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  1. would have been nice if the Flyers took a shot instead of non stop passing in the closing seconds. shoot the puck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Couturier and Jake the Snake fucking blow this year. Fuck

  3. The Flyers have like 15 million under the cap or something ridiculous like that (you know all that money they don’t have to pay Shea Webber) Bryzgalov’s cap number is not a big deal. He’s the only real positive of the season. Imagine if the Flyers had decent special teams or like a guy on offense who could, you know, score.

  4. G is not a captain, he looks like a pussy out there. I heard he’s heart broken over a girl he met at a hitler expo in Germany

  5. Giroux and Timonen running into each other on the 2 man advantage was a perfect microcosm of the Flyers’ horrendous special teams.
    Pass, pass, pass, pass, pass, blocked shot, zone cleared, pass, pass, pass, pass, pass…

  6. Vandit – EXACTLY! My wife got mad at me because I kept screaming ‘SHOOT THE F’N PUCK’ during that 2-man advantage. Frustrating is an understatement.

  7. I think Bryz played a little bit better then just “well” last night. But that’s just me. This team needs to start scoring for him and they need to start doing it soon.

  8. Lavy is blowing it. Why the hell is Danny on wing? He blows on wing, put him back at center. Why is Voracek playing with Cooter and Talbot? Cooter and Talbot are a great shutdown tandem that can generate scoring the other way. That’s what they were awesome at last season. You put a guy like Sestito or Fedotenko with them, if you put Voracek on that line you’re now relying on them to score. Talbot good as he was last season can’t be relied on as a scoring forward, you’re wasting Voracek.
    Briere at center. Voracek with either Giroux or Briere. Schenn and Cooter are shutdown centers, they dominated Crosby and Malkin in the postseason. Has Lavy forgotten this? They’re your 3rd and 4th line centers behind Giroux and Briere, so blackhole scoring lines such as Rinaldo-Fedotenko-Sestito don’t happen.
    And why the hell is Rinaldo taking McGinn’s place? Christ.

  9. Bryz has played well in every game he’s been in so far. The defense is letting way to many break aways this year. The 2 bright spots this year has been bryz and Luke schenn

  10. Offense needs to shoot, but what is Lilja doing on the ice. Put Kurtis Foster back out there.

  11. @Boom, you make valid points, but I think Briere is on the wing only cuz his wrist isn’t 100% and he can’t really take faceoffs yet. I saw him take one last night when G got tossed, but that was it.

  12. The Flyers are $1.5M under the cap, not $15M, according to capgeek, DT.
    That said, something needs to give. Bryz is playing awesome, the defense is actually playing decently well right now (not great, but not atrocious). This offense needs something. Whether it’s skating hard for a couple hours after a pitiful performance like that, or a trade, or benching a player. They need to be woken up. They just aren’t hustling.
    The blame right now goes on Giroux and Briere. They are supposed to be the leaders of the offense. Giroux has been missing in action lately, only showing himself to make a bad turnover. And Briere, while having 10 shots last night, couldn’t make or receive a single pass cleanly. It’s like both of them have their head somewhere other than the game.

  13. Everyone needs to calm down. It’s 6 games in. The Flyers have a good young core and a goalie playing well for the first time in god knows how long.
    I see a trade in the near future.

  14. Bryz can’t win, when he plays like shit “the cap” when he plays great “now if only the cap”. I don’t understand how what the Flyers decided to offer him is relevant. Was he supposed to take less than what was offered? Anyone who has a problem with his salary should blame Homer. Move on for fuck sake.

  15. The flyers will never learn, that “C” is like a boat anchor around a young guys neck. Why take a guy who hasn’t reached his full potential yet and strap him with a coach like responsibility? What could be the positive outcome? They didn’t learn with Ricci, Lindros or Richards, it retarded all of their careers for a period of time. All those guys were traded eventually. They judged that shit on how Clarke reacted and applied it across the board.

  16. The Flyers are all hype and no real substance, again. This franchise sucks bags of wholesale dicks.

  17. Bryz has been the one bright spot this year… He deserves no critism. Everyone and everything else though fucking blows at the moment. Candy, I hope you get hit by a truck.

  18. Bryz was amazing last night and has been beyond stellar all year.
    Giroux is hurt for sure. Concussed probably. He is definitely not himself and not healthy out there. He’s been bent over and wincing all game for a few games now. I didn’t like him getting the C despite knowing he would anyway; I wanted Hartsy to get it above all others.
    Anyway, yes, get LOLja off my hockey team. I’d almost prefer King Dunlap on my hockey team over him.
    Get Rinaldo and Sestito the fuck off too. Play McGinn (WHY THE HELL DID HE SIT?! He’s been GREAT!) and Wellwood. Play 2 guys who can contribute something, can play on PK and PP instead of 2 SHITTY fighters who played 6:20 and 5:02 and took an asinine penalty that put the Rags up. Sestito didn’t have a single shift after 13:59 in the 2nd period! and Rinaldo had just ONE after 14:13 in the 2nd period!
    Their presence on the roster shortens our bench automatically from the start and only hurts us with absolutely no benefit. Get them out and get players with speed and fire in there!

  19. Brayden PitkaSchenn BLOWS!!!
    He has 8 assists in his 69 NHL games playing with Giroux, Briere and on the PP!!!
    Trade this garbage before it’s too late.

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