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The folks at Buzzfeed, via (@TheSlawDr), have brought to our attention the nickname given to Chip Kelly at Oregon: Big Balls Chip. And while we could very easily deduce the moniker’s origins (Kelly’s willingness to go for it on fourth down and other unconventional tactics… or a rumor started by some coed that Chip has massive stones), we’ll turn to the authority on this sort of thing, Urban Dictionary:

Big Balls Chip: University of Oregon's Football Coach Chip Kelly has been given the nickname "Big Balls Chip" for his uncanny amount of courage and trust in the 2010 Oregon Ducks offense on 4th down.

It was 4th and 3 with 2 minutes left in the game on our own 35 and the crowd started chanting "Big Balls Chip" as Chip Kelly sent Thomas back out there to get the first.


The name took on a life of its own after that, most notably when ESPN’s College GameDay went to Eugene in October, 2011. Fans chanted “BIG BALLS CHIP!” (more on that in a second) as Kelly was being mic’d up for his segment. Behind him, in view of cameras, was this sign, which tips its cap at South Park:

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There’s more, too.

Students turned the nickname into t-shirt graphics…

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Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.52.11 AM
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Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.52.11 AM

… used it as a Halloween costume… 

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… and made it into a meme…

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But the best part is the chant.

“BIG BALLS CHIP” rolls off the tongue quite nicely (that’s what she said), but it's the movement that goes with the chant that really hammers home the point. Demonstrated hither:

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And here, as students serenaded BBC before his GameDay segment: [check Kirk Herbstreit at the beginning of the first clip]


Big Balls Chip has, in fact, been validated by the Google bots. Kelly’s bio turns up the following:

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There may be a better Chip pun out there… but you couldn't have asked for a coach with a better nickname than Big Balls Chip.