So I Can Still Call Off The Wedding, Right?

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45 Responses

  1. Shit if I ran a sports blog from my living room Id wear my onesie all day long. Is it the one that has the zippered flaps in the front and back for “when nature calls”?

  2. The man works out of his house talking about sports, hangs out in a onesie, and has a smokin fiancee.
    No wonder there are so many haters.
    Well played, Kyle. Well played.

  3. youll always be a faggot..and im calling 6 months before she divorces your broke ass for someone with a real job and a dick.

  4. Anyone else think he posted this link hoping to get all of these glowing comments about his girlfriend? Just another way for the always arrogant Kyle to say, “I’m better than you.”

  5. LOL so funny. I would never get caught wearing one of those around my girlfriend … if she were still alive.

  6. I would eat the muffins out of her asshole. Kyle, being her around me and I’ll be taking her from you.

  7. Well, you probably can but that would be A TOTAL MISTAKE. She’s very beautiful, and any guy would be lucky to have her, and I bet thousands out there reading this post is dreaming to get someone like her.

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