So Now, Do the Eagles Keep Michael Vick?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk:

But a source with knowledge of Vick’s thinking previously suggested that he will be attracted to the possibility of working with two specific coaches — Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden.  With Kelly now the coach in Philly, the question becomes whether Vick will soften his contractual stance in order to play for the former Oregon coach.

The broader question is whether the Eagles would offer Vick more on a reduced contract than anyone else would offer Vick, if he becomes a free agent.  Also, and as Tim McManus of 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly suggested during Tuesday’s PFT Live, there’s a chance Vick has soured on his teammates with the Eagles.


What was out of the question just a few hours ago is now a possibility. The Eagles had reportedly dangled Vick and Nick Foles in front of Kelly as guys who could run his up-tempo system. Maybe he only wants Foles. Here's an article in which Kelly fellates the then-Arizona quaterback.


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  1. if the two qb system with vick and foles happens, the eagles are going to be a bigger circus of laughs than the jets this season.

  2. New Eagles coach Chip Kelly gushed over Nick Foles when the QB was still in school. “[Foles] is as good as anyone in the country,” Kelly said in 2011.

  3. Good lord. Why do people think Kelly uses the wishbone? Bunch of idiots. Tom Brady is currently running Kelly’s offense. Can’t run a lick. It’s not about running ability. It’s about intelligence more than anything else. Vick is an idiot. Foles, if you listen to him for 30 seconds, has a high football IQ. Kelly does not want Vick running his scout team offense. He’s gone. Kelly fits his offense to his players, not vice versa. But he demands they have some modicum of intelligence.

  4. The Eagles caved to Kelly’s personnel demands, which was obviously that they keep Vick. Laurie doesn’t want to pay Vick $15M, but to woo Kelly he finally caved and agreed to let Kelly hav Vick run his gimmick offense.
    The Eagles are stuck with that turnover machine for the life of his contract.
    Meanwhile the Redskins will own this division for the next fives until the Eagles can get an actual quarterback. And they’ll need to replace Kelly once he bolts for the NCAA in two seasons.

  5. No. Vick will be cut. That’s a money move just as much as it is a football move. He likes Foles. A lot. It’s documented. Moving on…

  6. I’m sick to my stomach that they hired Kelly but if they keep Vick around too?
    I quit.

  7. I don’t like Vick, he’s a fucktard. With that said, yes. Yes the Eagles need depth at the QB position if Kelley is going to use even a semblance of the system he now employs. Does it have to be Vick? No, not really, but he does fit the mold. This type of O is very demanding on a QB and most can’t do it for an entire season.

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