Stanley Cup Games May Be Played in the Summer

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Yeah, kind of like that

Get ready for summer hockey, boys and girls.

Due to the lockout, the National Hockey League will extend its season into early May, pushing the potential final game of the Stanley Cup to June 25.

From the Globe and Mail, via Puck Daddy:

The National Hockey League plans to stretch out its playoff season through to the end of June to make up for a shortened season, broadcast executives have been told, posing challenges for networks who usually shift their programming away from hockey as the weather warms.

The regular season is set to end at the beginning of May, and the last playoff game could be played on June 25th under the scheduling being considered by the league. The late playoff run is particularly challenging for Rogers Media, which is fielding its most potentially competitive Toronto Blue Jays in years and will have trouble fitting both NHL games and baseball games onto its collection of sports channels.


No specifics about the Flyers schedule have been announced yet, but it’s been widely rumored that they will open against the Penguins on January 19 at the Wells Fargo Center at 1 p.m.


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  1. NHL’s gotta take full responsibility to put themselves in a better position to do a better job with scheduling

  2. Hold the Phone! You mean instead of playing until the second or third week of June like every other year, the might play until the :GASP: FOURTH week?!?! Holy Shit, they better get some extra A.C. units for the Wells Fargo center or something.

  3. There is nothing better in this world than watching the Flyers play for cup after being on the beach all day (’11 & ’87)

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