The Braves Get Justin Upton

Justin Upton has just been traded to the Braves, where he’ll join his brother, B.J., in an outfield that will rival the Phillies’ offering of a platoon player, Ben Revere, and a guy who has a fat clause in his contract.

From CBS Sports

All-Star outfielder Justin Upton has been traded from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Atlanta Braves, reports's Jon Heyman. The deal is pending a physical, but is otherwise complete.

The full trade, via's Danny Knobler, is the Braves getting Upton and third baseman Chris Johnson. The D-Backs get third baseman/outfielder Martin Prado, starting pitcher Randall Delgado, minor-league shortstop Nick Ahmed, minor-league pitcher Zeke Spruill and minor-league infielder Brandon Drury.


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  1. This trade looks sexier than it is. Both Upton brothers, while talented, are overrated. And losing Prado will really hurt them.

  2. Thanks Ruben for all the signings we got this year…oh wait…
    Our outfield is Triple AAA at best.

  3. Trade looks good on paper for the Braves, but they added about 250 K’s to their lineup and lost Prado…….they can hitch their wagon to the underachieving Upton brothers, it wont bring them a World Series.

  4. I agree with previous comments. Both Upton brothers, while extremely talented, are overpaid underachievers. Prado was way more valuable to the Braves than anyone gives him credit for. It’ll be interesting to see what this move does to the Braves’ club house.

  5. You guys are morons.
    Upton, Upton and Heyward will dick slap the slop the Phillies are throwing out there.
    Justin Upton is overpaid? That is fucking hilarious.

  6. I like the Revere kid. Not everyone can hit homeruns you stupid dickbags. Now if Chuck would only grow some balls and drop J-Stroll to 6th or 7th and let the kid do his thing at leadoff…

  7. Yeah, you know that career .319 OBP is really something to be scared of at the top of the lineup

  8. They gave up just about nothing to get Upton. Is that really the best offer they had on the table from anyone???
    This is not as huge of a deal for the Braves as it might look. I still think they finish 3rd in the NL East.

  9. Say, I have an idea! Let’s play the season before deciding whether or not the Uptons will help the Braves win the division, or finish behind the Phils. I see no reason to get all scared and worried about this trade since it’s only January.

  10. 4th Place team??? Horrible comment. Their OF looks more attractive then it is. In 4 years from now they will not be able to keep all of these salaries, just like the problem we are facing now.
    I see the Phillies as 2nd place team and battling for a wild card by seasons end. Who knows if Howard, Utley and Halladay come back to form we might still be best team.
    Braves pitching isnt like it use to be either.

  11. For everyone panicking…the Mets outfield in 2007 was Moises Alou, Shawn Green and Carlos Beltran. Looked better than the ’13 Braves on paper by far. The Phils ran out Burrell, Rowand and Victorino, with an unproven Werth platooning….How’d that turn out?

  12. If Howard, Utley and Halladay are healthy the Phils will compete and I think they finish 2nd in the NL East behind the Nats. And above comment about Justin Upton being overpaid, its not Justin thats overpaid, its BJ. Braves lost Prado, Chipper and Bourne. Those three are better than the Upton brothers. The Braves did a good job filling their holes, but I think they took a step back from last year……

  13. Delco’s crime rate is going to sky rocket in the summer now that the bandwagon trash and slores will be staying out of CBP.
    God Help Ridley

  14. If the Braves have a lead going into the 7th inning which looks highly likely based upon their potent offense they’re very much unbeatable.
    Phillies will miss the playoffs by 10 games.

  15. Chase, not saying Bourn is straight up better than Justin Upton. But Prado, Chipper and Bourn is better than Upton & Upton. Braves took a step back from last year. Don’t crown them just yet.

  16. While I will never argue that BJ blows, this seems like a good deal to me…give up Prado w/ 1 year remaining and a questionable pitching prospect in Delgado for 3 yrs of J-Up who can put up MVP caliber numbers.
    i’d sure take him over any of the Phils OFs…

  17. I hope the slores return to Delco I’ve been paying $10 for blowjobs in Chester and this is a tough economy

  18. Ben Revere is sabermetrically better than both Uptons, and the Phillies will be better team sabermetrically this year. I’d rather have 95 wins than a 40 HR hitter.

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