UPDATE: The Phillies Sign Delmon Young

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UPDATE: The Phillies have signed Delmon Young to a one-year, $750,000 contract. They now have the most eclectic outfield of all-time. 

Not a bad deal, though.

I imagine Ruben Amaro has spent the winter traveling the Dominican slow-pitch softball circuit, looking for someone – anyone – preferably over the age of 30, who can mash taters, because the Phillies really need some power in their outfield.

As of yet, Rube has come up empty. But there might be someone out there, and he's a Major League player: 27-year-old Delmon Young. 

Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly:

Sources tell CSNPhilly.com that the Phils are seriously considering signing free-agent Delmon Young.

Amaro, who typically keeps matters of free-agency close to his vest, did not deny that.

“We’ve kicked around a lot of stuff,” he said. “He’s among them.”


Young has played with the Rays, Twins and Tigers. He’s a well-rounded player, but has had his share of problems, too. He began the season in the California penal league once threw a bat at an umpire in the minor leagues, and he was arrested last April for yelling anti-Semitic slurs ("Fucking Jews! Fucking Jews!"), while drunk, in New York. MLB suspended him seven days for that incident. 

But, he’s 27 and a free agent. And while his numbers are as average as it comes for a corner outfielder – .267 AVG, 18 HR, 74 RBIs, .411 slugging percentage, 112 strikeouts last season with the Tigers – he likely has his most productive years ahead of him. 

Amaro told Salisbury that Young’s off-field troubles would cause “reservations," but the Phils will “keep [their] minds open also.” Translation: Juan Carlosdominguez has a full no-trade clause with his Domincan beer league club. So my options are kind of limited, Jim.


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  1. Probably will only be a Spring Training invitee at best. I think they will let John Mayberry have his shot in the outfield. I mean his average is not spectacular, but he is clutch.

  2. Dont you fucking dare, Rubes. This guy is will be far less productive than Ruf. This better just be a rumor.

  3. This guy has had some very big Post Season games over the past few years. We could do a lot worse…

  4. yeah because they have enough to trade for stanton and upton. Who on WIP told you that was happening ?
    this dude tore up the playoffs last year, and has hit over 350 the last 2 years in the playoffs… to me he is worth a shot.

  5. Also, since Amaro refuses to look at any Sabermetric stats, Young’s WAR was -0.7 and value was -3.2 million last year.
    Yes, he actually cost the Tigers a win and should have paid the Tigers 3.2 million last year to play. YIKES!

  6. yes, he has talent. no argument here on that! however, the dude is a hothead. he threw a bat at an umpire! i dont care how awful a call is….you throw a bat at someone, youre a piece of shit!

  7. I’m also leery of Young because of his anger management issues. I’d like to think Ruben can do better, however, since there’s no one currently on the market worth looking at, I’d say he should give Young a wide berth and stick with what he’s got.

  8. How does one run a sports website when they literally know nothing about sports?
    Best years ahead of him? The fact that he has negative defense value absoutely negates any offensive value he brings, which is basically average.
    In other words, Delmon Young fucking blows.

  9. Here’s how you run a sports blog in Philly while knowing jack about sports: start a sports blog in Philly, devote articles to tits, stalking local weather personalities, and allow unmoderated comments. Voila.

  10. I totally support this signing.
    Are you kidding me? So we could get him WASTED ass drunk and break him in the NOVACare complex and express all fan frustrations with the Eagles over the last 15 years. And because he’s black he could get away with it more than Mel Gibson could.
    Do it Rube.

  11. As shitty as this fact is I have to say it.
    He would improve the OF of the Phillies by adding some depth as a RH bat. If his price is good enough, he will benefit this team. He isn’t making the team better for any other reason than I stated above, Depth with a RH bat. He is as good as Dom Brown will be in 2013, except he’s RH.
    Also, It’s a fact that Ryan Howard is atrocious against LH pitching, he could also platoon for RyHo late in games when a lefty comes out. As shitty as that sounds given the money RyHo makes, it’s a cold hard fact that DY can hit Lefties better than RyHo can. He can improve this team a little, so I’m in on this move. Even if it looks shitty at first glance.

  12. $750k + incentives for a year? At that price Rube would be an idiot not to bring him in and kick his tires. He’s still only 27 and will be playing for a fat new contract next year.

    Everyday right fielder
    I think I just pooped myself

  14. Do an article tomorrow on how awful Bryzgalov is. 1 minute in & he gives up a damn goal. Bring on the fanboys to blame the defenseman.

  15. We usually do not welcome blacks but this guy is welcome anytime ! Love him throwing bat at ump.. How we did it for mr Kenish at TBC

  16. @ the stupid danny tartabull reference, they paid 3 times more for “tarts”… and that was 17 years ago.
    I don’t think 750 can be a bad signing even if he never even plays a game

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