Video: Hugh Douglas Jokes About Donovan McNabb Throwing Up in Super Bowl

As part series of Super Bowl PSAs ESPN shot with Hugh Douglas, the former Eagle takes a not-so-subtle swipe at Donovan McNabb. Old, but still funny. Sad, too. Mostly sad.

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9 Responses

  1. Let’s leave this old news die & let’s talk Wingbowl. 2 more days to tities & wings

  2. I could have been better then Hugh on sundays if Lou Holtz never kicked me off Norte Dames football team. Marble mouth pussy

  3. ^^^ @Randy Simmons …and yeah Andy Reid was the best coach in Eagles history, what’s your point?

  4. Hmmm….post something pro McNabb here and it gets taken down. Post somehting horrifically racist it stays up.
    You’re a class act, Kyle.

  5. The classic ex-athlete who has somehow been lucky enough to keep a full-time broadcasting gig.
    He was somewhat entertaining when he first retired and could provide some real insights into the Eagles’ locke room and players.
    It’s painfully obvious too that he doesn’t do any real research or watch any actual game film. Just largely says whatever comes to his mind which isn’t much different from any barfly who watches sports regularly.

  6. McNabb also got to the Super Bowl with T.O. & a great defense (& defensive coordinator).

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