Watch Andy Reid Live with Mike Florio

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There goes that Reid!

Andy Reid, our former coach who never met a local reporter that he liked (except for maybe Howard Eskin), will be Mike Florio’s guest on Pro Football Talk Live today over at NBC Sports. I’m sure he’ll be a bucket of chuckles like he was on a local Kansas City radio station yesterday, when he dropped this zinger:

On which he prefers, cheese steaks or barbecue:
"I obviously have had too much of both."


Funny guy.

You can watch him with Florio here, at noon.

Meanwhile, in the land of the coachless, the Eagles have released yet another well-produced puff piece on their website. This one features Dave Spadaro (of course) interviewing Howie Roseman about the team's coaching search, which is progressing like a 2012 Phillies game (men on base each step of the way… no results). I’d take these a lot more seriously if the structure wasn’t akin to the White House releasing a scripted interview between press secretary Jay Carney and President Obama. You can watch it here.


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  1. Hockey is back, Jrue Holiday is the leading candidate for most improved player of the year, and Bynum is finally speaking positively about his knee.
    ….yet this is the only post today. Great shit dude.

  2. I keep looking all day today in work for new cb updates but nothing but pft post.
    not even a smh at candy comment

  3. Sorry, but I’d rather watch a marathon of Justin Beiber videos than Andy Reid. Enough already! He’s gone! Let him pig out at some K.C. rib joint in peace!

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