Wilma McNabb Wrote a Song About Her Son

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What in the mother f….?

On Saturday, Donovan McNabb tweeted a link to this video (after the jump), titled When Your Heart is on the Field.

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By itself, the video is, at best, a heartwarming anthem… at worst, a loosely copyright-infringed version of Mariah Carey’s Hero. That’s fine. But it’s the song’s writer that catches our attention and, of course, Donovan’s: Wilma McNabb.

Mama McNabb mom wrote a song about her son.


The ditty, performed by Tené Williams, is an ode to Former Five with words only a mother could have written. Literally. And quite honestly, I'm not sure if it's the sweetest thing ever… or the strangest, most random, ridiculous, puzzling thing I've seen in over three years of running a website filled with strange, random, ridiculous and puzzling things. 

I took the pleasure of transcribing the lyrics for you:


(intro) I will be there to cheer you on

you are my son, my champion



he gives me strength when I am weak

he shows me who I want to be

he’s my light when I can’t see

he gives me reasons to believe

when the cheers fade away, I’ll be there at the end of the day

you know that love is real, when your heart is on the field


from his first game to stadium lights

from fall to inspiring winter nights

I’ll be watching, feeling so proud

whether he wins or loses with his home crowd

it’s hard to watch

but I won’t turn away

because I’m his biggest fan

every night and every day

I’m his biggest fan


when your heart is on the field

I’m right there watching you, watching you


wearing his jersey, making him signs

seeing all his hard work, knowing it’s his time

realizing others feel the same way (they worry too)

wanting everyone's son to do his best, they all amaze you

seeing all the lives he’s touched

and the excitement in children's eyes 

always telling him reach for the stars, he’s already touched the sky


emotions fill the air 

ohoho oohhhh

something’s come over me

at the end of the game

when the clock ticks away with speed

he’s the one they trust with the games in his hands

he leads his team, and everything goes as planned

the final score doesn’t matter, I’ve already won

because I am the champion

because he’s my son




the field, the field

when your heart is on the field

the field, the field

when your heart is on the field



Video after the jump.

H/T to (@PhillyFritzy)

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13 Responses

  1. She wrote the song, but didn’t sing it. Apparently she couldn’t get the notes off in time and threw up towards the end of singing.

  2. Christ on a crutch. Talk about sappy shit. Makes “The Wind Beneath My Wings” sound like gangsta rap. Pardon me while I make like Donny Drama and vomit.

  3. “he’s the one they trust with the games in his hands
    he leads his team, and everything goes as planned”

  4. I wasn’t the biggest McNabb fan since his retirement (aka when no more teams would give him a sniff) since he still tends to whine a lot, but wow… now I have zero respect for the big fag.

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