Worst Person in the World Relates “Dead” Rape Victim to Garrett Reid, on Video

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This kid already wins Worst Person of the Year. It’s January 2.

Back in August, an out of town 16-year-old high school student was raped by football players from Ohio’s Big Red High School. Two players have been charged, but a new video, unearthed by the hacker group Knight Sec and turned over to a site called Local Leaks, shows that at least one other (now former) Big Red football player, Michael Colin Nodianos, was involved. Just moments after the rape, he spent more than 12 minutes bragging about the conquest on video. 

You can learn much more about this awful story at Local Leaks and Deadspin. But I’ll turn your attention to the 12-minute confession after the jump. At one point, around the 2:15 mark, in midst of Nodianos rattling off jokes about how “dead” the rape victim is in the other room (she wasn't), our heel references Garrett Reid: “She’s deader than Andy Reid’s son! [laughs]”

Hi-larious, Mike. You know what else is funny? Jail.

Video after the jump. [Caution: it will send you into a blind rage.]

Michael Colin Nodianos Admiting To Rape from Commander X on Vimeo.

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42 Responses

  1. The local tie-in is of relatively little importance, but if that’s what is being used to publicize this sociopath, then so be it. Blinding rage doesn’t begin to describe it. This kid is a repellent human being. I would hate to be that kid’s father this morning. I will work every day to see that my son knows right from wrong, and how to treat women.

  2. The fact that this video is out in public has to be so fucking humiliating to this doucher. This will obviously follow him the rest of his life. However, thats probably not good enough. He needs to spend a week in jail with extra shower time with bubba…

  3. “He’s puttin’ his wang in a butthole.”
    Who knew this kid was his own psychic? Have fun in jail, Shitbrick.

  4. white privileged youth is more as annoying than black inner city youth.
    just throw money at your kids to keep them busy… works awesomely

  5. This Shit stain has no respect for anything. Im waiting on the day I see this kid locked up. That will be a very good day, hopefully that young woman gets some justice

  6. @ James Cherry – still think he’ll get away with it now? Underage drinking and accessory to rape – for starters – and now the entire world knows about it. Forever. The pressure will be too much. This asshat will never get into college, get a job, or go on a date. And that’s quite a price to pay before being imprisoned where EVERY inmate knows you’re the privileged white boy who thinks it’s hilarious to get girls drunk and rape them. Sadly, it would not surprise me if he took his own life.

  7. 3:04 NY Yankees background on his phone. Undeniable proof that all Yankee fans are terrible people.

  8. Kyle, keep this post at the top of the page until this motherfucker is DEAD from an act of vigilante justice. He DOES NOT deserve to see another day on this Earth. You’re site gets enough hits for somebody to do something to this pathetic waste of humanity.

  9. Decent people in this world die every day while this asshole draws breath he clearly doesn’t deserve. If I knew where this shitstain lives, I’d run over there with a lead pipe and beat him to death.

  10. The perception I got of Garrett leads me to believe he would have been laughing right along with this dickhead.

  11. Kyle –
    ‘Alleged rape”, not “rape”. Don’t get me wrong, I hope these kids get charged but get your facts right.

  12. Some guy in the comment section over at Deadspin is saying this a-hole shouldn’t go to jail because not reporting rape isn’t a crime (yeah, that’s his argument). His name is StorminMike2000 and sadly other people are agreeing with him.
    Even if you try and stay unbiased towards this kid, who is him not stopping a rape not a crime? what kind of world are we living in?

  13. Whoever said ‘white, privileged youth’ is wrong. This is a dumpy steel town with high poverty. And one of the accused rapists is black. But whatever…

  14. You should not speak ill of the dead.
    His dad’s a cop ? arrogance and abuse of power.
    Karma evens the chessboard of Life.

  15. The sad part is that this little piece of shit cunt is gonna be just fine. Hopefully something horrific happens to him and his family, but I don’t have that much faith in humanity.

  16. Another story of young American glory…Like the photo of the man being killed by a subway train in the Big (Rotten) Apple, this story is another indicator of how pathologically selfish and solipistic American society has become….This little tosser — this spoiled ugly teenage sod — deserves, and will no doubt, be buggered by every tough in the penitentiary! If that fails, I know a few Royal Marines who would be happy to give me a proper lessen in what is means to be a man.

  17. there are other sites with a lot more detail. The hacktivist group also unearthed his Facebook, which on the night of the rape he made his status Rape Me by Nirvana – the song of the night.

  18. this is funnier than when the Flyers fan said he was the guy that knocked out the Rangers guy in front of Geno’s and all you internet first timers believed the guy based on a facebook post. seriously yous dont spend one minute researching something?
    im not saying the idiot in the video is funny or anything but why dont some of you self righteous chest pounders try getting things accurate before you shoot your shitty opinion into the sky of the internet.
    this kid didnt rape the girl. try focusing your anger/outrage toward the people that did.

  19. no but he knew she was dead and not only didn’t report it him and his friends made a twelve minute long video joking about it. aren’t there laws for not reporting a crime that you witness?

  20. @ jimmyrussell – this stuff looks legit and is being widely reported. No one has come forward to defend this little shit, and he isn’t denying it. And he didn’t rape the girl. But he knew about it, did nothing to stop it – repeatedly – and was derelict in his affirmative duty to help a drunk girl who was not in a position to defend herself. He is also complicit in the coverup, and he finds it all funny. There is enough material in that video to press charges on this rape, and perhaps others.
    Bottom line: this miscreant’s life is functionally over. Even if he escapes jail, where will he live or work in peace? He deserves the wrath he is incurring. You really want to defend this piece of human waste? He sure as shit doesn’t care about you. Or anyone but his bros. If my son ever uttered anything remotely approaching this filth, I’d have failed him as a parent and as a man.

  21. IT is living FREE, OHIO STATE allows IT to attend. ITS male breeder defends IT. Let his name be known as the MAGGOT OF STEUBENVILLE: MICHAEL COLIN NODIANOS.

  22. Why, nearly a full year later, haven’t Michael Shitstain Nodianos’ parents, Michael J. Nodianos, and Lisa Sullivan-Nodianos, publicly denounced their shitstain son’s sociopathic behavior? They can do so, better far too late than never, by pledging to get him the help he so desperately needs while still supporting him and loving him.

    If they have even a tiny shred of honor, self-respect or basic human decency, they would at least try to stand up for themselves and clean up the shitstain mess the world now knows they’ve created where a grown man should be standing right now.

    It’s obvious that Michael Shitstain Nodianos is so pathetic and desperate for even a pretend social life that he’ll do and say anything for another chance to hang out with cowardly gang-rapists just so he can pretend he has friends, even settling for being their little mascot court jester as he so disgustingly shows in his permanent online resume for the world to see forever.

    How lonely and bitter and impotent and utterly useless in every sense of the word would someone have to be to so enjoy helpless people being tortured and violated? Someone needs to check the land around Michael Shitstain Nodianos’ home; there are probably thousands of dead creatures buried in Jefferson county, that this shitstain tortured to death.

    His sheer joy and delight as he loudly and repeatedly giggled over “finally getting to see a dead body,” and his added joyful giggling that he thought nobody else cared, either, is chilling to anyone who is not a shitstain like him, or proud of having raised a shitstain like Michael Shitstain Nodianos.

    He also giggles in high-pitched, joyful glee about how people react to “a wang in their butthole.” If this shitstain is ever held accountable for his shitstain behavior, both what he has so proudly showed us and the countless that we have not yet seen, he’s going to know quite well exactly how one reacts to a wang, or two, or 20 or 40, in the butthole.

    Let’s see how high-pitched that giggle gets each and every time he increases his firsthand knowledge base.

  23. By the way, Michael Shitstain Nodianos’ most joyful and high-pitched giggles came when he squealed about the victim being “deader” (sic) than Caylee Anthony, the murdered toddler.

    That one he found so hysterical, he had to stop himself as he caught his breath. Which he succeeded at, unfortunately.

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