Your Friday Morning Coaching Search Roundup

It’s Friday morning and your Eagles coaching search continues to move forward like it’s going through a school zone.

The Eagles interviewed Bill O’Brien yesterday, but O’Brien, whose name excited 80% of Eagles fans and enraged the other 20% with ties to Penn State (as if his leaving would have cost the school three years of bowl eligibility and 10 scholarships…), says he will stay in Happy Valley.

That might be a good thing, anyway. O’Brien’s resume, which is made available along with his contract by PSU, reads like it was penned by a third grader. You can see it at the bottom of this PDF. I’ll call your attention to the syntax error “Coach Tom Brady…”, the varying uses of “2nd” and “fifth,” and other poorly written accomplishments, not the least of which is his feeling the need to point out that he coached Jabar Gaffney. I assume that resumes for high-level D-I and NFL coaching positions are a mere formality, especially when one’s application can consist of “Hey, go watch my Super Bowl tape.” But still… come on, Bill.

The Inquirer’s Zach Berman was in Arizona last night and brings us some quotes from Chip Kelly - whose Ducks just won the Fiesta Bowl thanks in part to Kelly's decision to go for two following an opening kickoff that was returned for a touchdown - including this one:

“I said I’ll always listen. And that’s what I’ll do,” Kelly said. “I know that people want to talk to me because of our players. The success of our football program has always been about our guys. It’s an honor for someone to say they’d want to talk to me about maybe moving on to go coach in the National Football League. But it’s because of what those guys do. I’ll listen, and we’ll see.”


Finally, Andy Reid and the Chiefs are getting closer to a deal, but none has been reached yet, according to CSN’s Reuben Frank.


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  1. Why do you always go out of your way to bash Penn State and Bill O’Brien? Oh that’s because you went to Villanova. It’s funny how you ignored the Jay Wright rumor until someone came out and said it was false. If that happened anywhere else, you would’ve been on it right away.

  2. nice to see Kyle couldn’t resist another swipe at PSU. If BOB was hired by the Iggles, bet the resume’ grammar rant never happens.
    GO NOVA!

  3. Classic example “we didn’t want him anyway!” But if eagles did get him, “OMG I’m so excited!”

  4. If you cant see the devastation that would have ensued if Bill left due to the NCAA still allowing open transfers to the start of this season then clearly you do not know much of college football (Nova grad so i dont expect in depth college football analysis). BOB will be a head coach one day maybe even next year but he needed to stay to stabilize the program for one more year. Hes contracted now for close to 20 million dollars and is only 42 years old. He can coach at PSU for 4 or 5 years and there will still be plenty of opportunities to jump into the NFL.

  5. As the Humanity pointed out, BOB leaving State College now would have decimated the team. Every player is still allowed to leave without sitting out a year until the first day of fall practice. The recruiting class, most of which are loyal to BOB and the coaching staff, would probably fall apart. The aftermath of BOB leaving Penn State now would have been borderline catastrophic for the football team.

  6. Dickhead – when he says “Coach Tom Brady”. . .
    That means he currently coaches him. As in, when he sent his resume, “I coach Tom Brady”.
    You’re the worst!

  7. Calm down there Kyle, dude did go to Brown. So raving about insignificant errors in a resume, that as mentioned is a formality, comes of as insecure on your part.

  8. drs18For me and my flow, typing and rnaeidg is intrussive. It requires a complete refocusing that is hard to get back from so that work can continue again. My work suffers, and far from letting folks know what I’m doing, twitter exposes the fact that I’m obviously having a creative/focus lapse. To post, I must come to a halt.A keyboard command that, with one click captured my screen and posted the image in the blog, might be something that I’d be able to show what I’m doing. I’m not social, my work tends to be personally rather than collaboratively focused, and the bar room style community that grows out of this thing is petty, juvenile, occassionally fun, but far from positive in the current version. I also question the idea of connections. Possibly connecting has changed, and I’m out of the loop. For me, this is not a conversation, not a connection, and only provides a crude parody of meaningful human interaction.

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