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We still really high on Bryz, or is that whole thing over? No one will argue that the Flyers have a passable defense… but these are facts: In his last nine games, Bryz has given up 3, 4, 2, 4, 0, 5, 4, 3, and 3 goals. And he was pulled from two of those games. He’s 30th in the league in goals against (2.79) and 34th in save percentage (.900).

Are we still ready to declare him the Flyers MVP, or is he just another average Flyers goalie in a long line of average Flyers goalies?

While we’re on the topic: Jerry Gaul over at discovered an interesting quirk with Siri. Behold:

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Someone at Apple is a Flyers fan. Or not.

Scott Hartnell, leader?

Q: You guys had six chances to get to .500 and almost all the games have gone the wrong way so far. That has to be frustrating. 

A: We’re not going to make the playoffs if we keep playing the way we are. We talked about it after the game. If we don’t learn fast, as in Wednesday night, it’s going to be a long season. Guys have to realize that. Every point counts, game 20 or game 30. We have to wake it up.


Thankfully, JVR, Captain Cliché, didn’t torch Luke Schenn last night (like he did a few weeks ago in Toronto), but his team did get the 4-2 victory and he did manage to, as usual, exhibit a negative (as in less than zero) personality when speaking to the media after the game:

Q: What do you think of the crowd reaction to you? There was some love there and some signs. 

 I didn’t hear anything, so I don’t know. I saw some of those, those were funny. That’s Philly for you. There are a lot of passionate fans here. There are a lot of great people in the city that support this team and you would have to be crazy to say you don’t appreciate that stuff. It was pretty cool to see.

Q: In warm ups, you were the last guy off the ice, is that your normal routine?

I did my same routine so I didn’t do anything different. 

Q: You have seen teams here not come out. Is that how they jump you here?

That is definitely one of the staples here, using the passion of the crowd to start the game of and getting yourself in the game. I think, when they do that, they have success.

Q: Did you talk to any of your former teammates before the game? Any wagers?

No, I didn’t talk to anyone today before the game. I saw Jody Shelley yesterday and I always enjoy catching up with him. These guys have a lot of talent over here and their right in the mix. It’s a short season, so we will see what happens next for all of us.


He’s never going to find a woman who respects him.

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Finally, CSN mic’d up Zac Rinaldo. The video is short, but pretty good. See it, after the jump.


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  1. You need to stop talking about the Flyers. You’re clueless, even if you did play hockey for how ever many years.

  2. Regarding Bryz, one problem, as others here have already pointed out is that Laviolette’s been riding Space Cadet hard as he’s played the most games in the league so far. We’re not talking about Martin Broduer who’s a goddamn robot, it’s clear Bryz needs a break, and while Brian Boucher is no great shakes as a backup, he can at least hold down the fort for one game while Bryz gets a breather. Then again, maybe this Flyers team just isn’t any good and having Patrick Roy in net wouldn’t make a difference.

  3. The main difference between Bryz and “another average Flyers goalie in a long line of average Flyers goalies” is that most of those guys had an NHL caliber defense and/or a more defensive system in front of them.
    This year, we’ve put fucking Bruno Gervais and Curtis Foster out there. That’s like Ryan Parent and Lukas Krajicek, only without Pronger and a younger Kimmo playing 30+ minutes a night against tough competition.
    Go look at all the goals Bryz let up this year. Routinely, he’s let up goals as a result of a bad line change that turned into breakaways which happen to be the weakest part of Bryz’s game.
    He’s not a top 5 goaltender. He never was and he never will be. He’s defiantly a top 15, more than likely a top 10 and depending on who is on his team could probably push some of the top netminders in the game. I don’t care about his numbers because quite frankly he’s played well and you could put Patrick Fucking Roy back here and he’d be getting lit up.

  4. only stepford flyer fans….which admittedly takes up like 90% of the fanbase thought bryz was anything but a piece of shit…the team itself is not very good either….they need to lose and hope to get to the top of a once in a decade draft
    stop winnin for mackinnon….groans for jones
    an 8th or 9th place finish does nothing for this vanilla ass team

  5. “only stepford flyer fans… thought bryz was anything but a piece of shit.”
    If you think Bryz is a piece of shit as a goalie, you’re insane. Is he Roy, Hasek or even Quick? No, he’s not. But he IS better than the “line of average goalies” that the Flyers have had.
    The fact is he has NO defense in front of him. The fact is he’s been ridden ridiculously hard so far, playing the most minutes of any player in the NHL. And, he’s given up less than 10 weak goals. For those counting at home, that’s less than one every other game. If you can’t win consistently with only one weak goal every other game, you don’t deserve to win.
    Goaltending is NOT this team’s issue right now, it hasn’t been all season. How is Bryz supposed to stop Malkin from scoring when he gets a puck, standing in front of Bryz and no defense within 15 feet? Or stop a 2-on-1 due to bone-headed turnovers? Or stop the likes of Kovalchuk, Vanek or Hubrudeau on a breakaway/penalty shot?
    If Bryz had the defense that Esche, Burke, Beezer et al. had, he’d be getting all types of praise for how great he plays.
    Blaming Bryz for this team’s struggles let’s the rest of the team off the hook.
    But hey, blaming everything on the goalie and running them all out of town has worked so well for us over the last 20 years, let’s just keep on doing it.

  6. Kyle you have absolutely no dick at all and id be very interested to know just how bad of a fucking bender you were when you supposedly played hockey.

  7. They’re wearing him down to a nub and its not just that he’s played in practically every single game this year its that in every single game he gets hung out to dry constantly.
    If your defense is 3 minor league players, Luke Schenn who the jury is still out on, an old, hobbled, playing on one good foot Kimmo Timonen, Nik Grossmann and Brayden Coburn(solid but nothing spectacular) and your forwards can’t backcheck or get the puck out of the zone on breakouts, even if you had Ken Dryden in goal behind that mess in his prime he’d be giving up 3 to 4 goals a game.
    As mentioned before the main difference between Bryzgalov and every goaltender since Hextall, the Flyers had elite defenseman and solid defensive forwards palying in front of those other mediocre goalies who helped them look better.
    Put Bryzgalov at this point of his career on the 2004, 2008 or even that fluke of a team from 2010 and they’d have probably won the Cup two out three of those seasons.
    It’s not “Stepford” fandom (thanks, Mike Missanelli from 1997)if you look at the team and conclude they have major problems. Their best defenseman is in his late 30s has had a bad foot for six seasons and has a ton of other injuries.
    Their offense is a struggling Claude Giroux, Jake Voracek, Danny Briere and nine to eleven other guys who are basically the same exact player. None of whom can consistently finish and score goals.
    Do the Flyers have problems? Oh, yeah they have problems. The goaltender however, is not one of them.
    Continue with the persecution though.
    The two main problems are the do nothing GM and the coach who hasn’t put a consistent team on the ice since the 2006 Stanley Cup playoffs when he was in Carolina.

  8. The problem is that after the 2nd line, the Flyers have absolutely no scorers and a bunch of guys who turn the puck over constantly and make horrible line changes.
    Rusland Fedotenko should be shot out of a fucking cannon into the sun at this point, he is horrible, and Bruno Gervais should just not be in the NHL at this point, but injuries unfortunately have called for a need.
    To the moron who said do nothing GM as one of the main problems… Stop talking you have no idea what you are talking about… He may not have always made the best decisions, but to say that Homer is “do nothing” after trading away his two franchise center pieces, signing the biggest goalie in the free agent market at the time (has it paid out? thats a different story), and the whole Shea Weber situation this offseason, he has done a LOT more than nothing.

  9. If you’ve actually bothered to watch the games this season, Kyle, you’d know this isn’t bryz’s fault. At all. You’d see that even in games where hes given up 3+ goals, hes still come up with HUGE saves in those games to keep his team in the game. You fault him for letting Malkin score from right outside the crease, yet give him no credit for stoning malkin 2 times late in the third period to help preserve that wild win.
    If you actually bothered to simply watch the games rather than placate your agenda, you’d see that, as JT pointed out, Bryz has barely given up any bad goals. I’d say less than 10 is a bit high even, I’d say less than 8 maybe. Semantics…But either way, a mediocre-bad goal every other game, to again poach from JT, isn’t anything to hang the trials and tribulations of this season on. Why the fuck people still seem to think Bryz is the Bryz of the first half of last season, is beyond me. Judging by people like Kyle, I’d say him and a lot of others like him don’t think hes bad, they WANT him to be bad. Jesus christ, after that crazy penguins game, which featured no goaltending and the most intense, bizarre brand of hockey you’ll ever see, you STILL felt the need to bash him– and for two goals that didnt even count against him no less!! Boggles my mind.

  10. Bryz is not the problem, as everyone but the mikey miss fanboy said. And Homer is definitely ANYTHING BUT a do nothing GM. Maybe the moves he made are backfiring, as in a young team that should have gelled by now still looking pretty amateur. Bryz lets in a few head scratchers, but Quick has let in twice as many bad goals this season. Look around the league right now and tell me who you’d rather have than Bryz.

  11. I think it’s a little unfair to lead in with a statement “the Flyers have a passable defense” and then grade Bryz based on goals allowed. We should either grade him by the quantity of bad goals allowed (considerably fewer) or acknowledge that the lack of speed from defensemen and poor puck handling of our forwards has as much to do with the GA quantity as anything else. I have never looked at Bryz as an elite goaltender and I thought signing him (and trading Bobrovsky for that matter, despite his struggles in Columbus this year) was a bad decision given what we paid. But you gotta give credit where it’s due – look what opposing teams have been able to do to Leighton and Boosh this year and use that as a point of comparison. Bryz has been one of the only reasons we stay in games as late as we do. We need at least one defensive “speed” line to run out the PK and, as much as I had to say it, we need Mez back out there as soon as possible.

  12. Mr. Schniedelwichsen, you mentioned things he’s done two years ago.
    What did Holmgren do last offseason?
    The team was good last year, and looked to be on the verge of emerging as an elite team. They had some holes of course.
    But Holmgren was unable to land an impact free agent to address those needs. He botched the Shea Weber deal by not offering to work out a trade with Nashville after the offer sheet was signed, he let Jagr go, he let Carle go, he traded their two biggest trading chips in Bobrovksy and JVR separately instead of packing them together for an impact player.
    He skimped on getting a decent backup goalie so now we’re stuck driving Bryzgalov into an early grave because starting Leighton or Boucher is basically waving the white flag for that game. Neither of those two belongs in the NHL.
    He put together a roster, that I pointed out and you pretty much agreed with me, are three to four actual players and then just mediocre, interchangeable “guys” who do nothing really impressive yet all have holes in their game that put the team at a disadvantage. Building a roster like that is the GM’s fault.
    I LOVED the Richards and Carter deals–I still do. But since that deal and signing Jagr, Holmgren has basically sat on his hands and watched this team slide further and further away from being a contender.

  13. Glossing over the subject that with a terrible defense Bryz only let in 3 goals, none of which were soft (re the screencap on the Kessel goal, wut? Dude pegged the far post, Bryz would be dead wrong if he weren’t tight against near post exactly as he was). The only thing you can really fault Bryz for all game was the rebound he gave up on the Grabovski goal (after saving the first shot with two forwards in his face on the PP). The offense only put up two goals against the Leafs. There’s a lot of fingers to point here but Bryz wouldn’t be my first choice.
    Jesus, Kyle, I used to like coming here but you’ve said nearly nothing of value about the Flyers this year in favor of flaming Bryz even when he’s playing better than anyone else on the team.

  14. all this is irrelevent anyway…..thankfully the flyers will amnesty bryz this summer

  15. Hey, Instigators 114, looked around the league and found just a few goalies that I’d rather have than Bryz, just a few, and they make alot less $$$
    Craig Anderson
    Corey Crawford
    Jaroslav Halak
    Carey Price
    Pekka Rinne
    Antti Niemi
    Tuukka Rask
    Viktor Fasth
    Ray Emery
    Roberto Luongo
    Nikolai Khabibulin
    Kari Lehtonen
    Ben Bishop
    Ben Scrivens
    Niklas Backstrom
    Martin Brodeur
    Marc-Andre Fleury
    Henrik Lundqvist
    James Reimer
    Dan Ellis
    Jonathan Quick
    Jake Allen
    Johan Hedberg
    Mike Smith
    Cory Schneider
    Sergei Bobrovsky
    “Oh, the silent majesty of a winter’s morn… the clean, cool chill of the holiday air… an asshole in his bathrobe, emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer…”

  16. Anyone who’d rather have Sergei Bobrovsky than Bryzgalov just ended their argument.
    Bobrovsky will be following the other “Bob” that flamed out here, Bob Eshe, to the KHL soon enough.

  17. Also, anyone who thinks the Flyers will Amnesty Bryzgalov you’re sadly mistaken. His cap hit is not that big compared to the fact that to get a goalie better than him you’re gonna have to pay that much or more, and there are not any goalies that will be readily available that are better anyway.
    Also, if management looks at this team, how they were put together, how they are being coached and how they are playing and determines the big move to make is getting rid of Bryzgalov then they are clueless and the Flyers are doomed until a 2006-like shake-up totally changes the team.

  18. You continually show your ignorance regarding hockey and defense. I’m seriously starting to doubt you ever played. Calling this flyers defense passable is a joke. there is no legit, 1 and a questionable 2 in coburn, the remainder? 3’s, old, injured, or journeymen. On the goal YOU mentioned Timmonen got drawn to the middle of the ice then smoked wide by Kessel. He also didn’t bother to try to get back into the play or dive to knock the puck off his stick. The half a dozen great saves bryz made go unmentioned. The flyers never have a clean breakout from d to forward. they have no one who can skate the puck out of their end clean. Their d has a difficult time winning the red line battle. passable, what a fucking joke. lazy post.

  19. Putting unprovens like Scrivens, Reimer, Fasth, Bishop, Allen and Bobrovsky on that list of goalies you’d take over Bryz is stupid.
    Putting players who are going to retire in a year’s time like Brodeur is equally stupid.
    Putting Ray Emery on that list just makes me laugh. You’re done, Griswold. Go home.

  20. I forgot that the Kessel goal was to the opposite post and not five hole. Thats just a good shot…Again, when you’re letting guys like fucking Kessel, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Vanek, and Huberdeau breeze right into the fuckin zone, they’re probably going to fucking score, more often than not, I dont care who you have in goal.

  21. Maybe the Flyers are losing because you douchbags are writing books for posts. Cut it the fuck down, assholes

  22. Kyle big fan but we get it, you love to trash former players and take every little shot you can. Richards, carter, and now JVR What did JVR ever do? Come on man grow up, i forgot you’re probably 23 years old still a lot of growing to do.

  23. Clark Griswold is a retard. Anybody who’d rather have Dan Ellis between the pipes as opposed to Bryz is missing a chromosome.

  24. The fact that two of those goals probably should have been stopped probably should be overshadowed by the fact that the powerplay is atrocious.

  25. I’m done with this blog. I really, really tried to hang in there. I thought we were in for a change when Kyle made the comments section a log in system in an attempt to curb scum bag posts, but apparently not. Apparently this site lives or dies with racist comments and comments that bash Kyle for terrible posts. Used to be that you could actually talk sports and debate things on this site… These flyers posts are the only ones where the comments aren’t full of racist scum and are actually soomewhat relevant…So instead of ramping up thought provoking, relevant, meaningful articles about the Flyguys, especially since they’re the only team in town worth a fuck right now, Kyle keeps churning out the same old, lazy, tired anti-bryz garbage. Instead of having a decent sports debate, this post is nothing but bashing, while every other post is racist/sexist turds trolling. This has turned into a terribly managed website, with terrible content, which has only attracted a terrible audience.

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