Bryz Now Has a “Star Wars” Mask


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  1. Whoa! Nerdy Flyers Fan is right! Just noticed that myself. So much for attention to detail.

  2. Yoda’s skin is also supposed to be green, but here, it’s a shade of orange. It seems to me that the red lightsaber is more of an aesthetic choice because the green would kinda’ look out of place with the overall color scheme used on the rest of the mask.

  3. Hey, we just got Gagne back. I guess now that he’s done winning Cups it was time to come here again.

  4. Should airbrush Vladislov Tretiak’s mug on it.
    I’m a sci-fi fan, but this shits gone too far….rubbin one out to Princess Lea’s cinna bon hairdo ??
    Phallic Light Sabers ?
    ask Santa for a flesh light this xmas. the closest thing you’ll ever get to feel.

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