Dan Fuller Gives His Extraordinarily Lengthy and Comprehensive Review of the Union’s New Kit

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I asked our fashion editor, Dan Fuller, if he wanted to review the Union’s new alternate kit, which was unveiled yesterday at Xfinity Live! Philadelphia Exclamation Points. Dan, usually not at a loss for words (LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM), responded thusly. It is now our review. 

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There you have it– indifference and too much Bimbo. It’s like a bad night at the club (perhaps with Sebastien Le Toux?). 

The kit pays homage to some team you’ve never heard of Bethlehem Steel, the local soccer club that won the hearts and minds had a few fans back around the time Rose was getting plowed by Leo on the Titanic (1911-1930). 

A ridiculous video from Adidas, full of all sorts of marketing BS, after the jump. 



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  1. Is Dan Fuller the faggot who writes about the eagles uniform every week? What a horrible human being

  2. Umm, the name of the team is the “UNION.” The relationship between the Union and Bethlehem Steel is more than just “hey, they’re both soccer clubs!” Bethlehem Steel was a bastion of the steelworkers’ *union* for most of the 20th century.


  3. Right now, I’d rather watch the Union over the train wreck that’s the Sixers. There. I said it.

  4. “Union” and Bethlehem do have a very strong bond indeed.
    The “union” destroyed any chance Bethlehem steel had of competing with foreign steel producing markets forcing it’s bankruptcy. You know us Americans, we’d rather kill our keeper than take any less than we think we deserve. This “bond” is a crock of shit actually.

  5. Your Mother is dead nuts on about Bethlehem Steel. Well said. Anybody who dismisses that BFC team’s contribution to soccer in America should check them out. They are part of the reason Charles Schwab went broke. However, Their “kits” were black and white so i’m not exactly sure how this kit ties in.
    It’s fugly.

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  8. you guys are still harping on the jersey sponsor? makes you look pretty pathetic. that joke was old 3 years ago .

  9. 3 years ago the Union didn’t have a sponsor let alone play their first regular season game.

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