Donovan McNabb Congratulated Danica Patrick on Winning the Daytona 500, Which Will be Held This Weekend

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Donovan McNabb is still a dope. His well-intentioned Tweet congratulating the very sexy Danica Patrick on her Daytona 500 win, well, it was a bit premature.

On Sunday, Patrick won the pole at Daytona (there’s something hot about that line, and don’t you tell me that there’s not), which means she will start the Daytona 500 in the front row. It was a big deal because she was the first woman to ever win the pole (heh) in Sprint Cup race. But upon hearing this news, obvious race fan dude who just wanted to catch the attention of Danica Patrick, Donovan McNabb, tweeted and since deleted (and I'm a fucking poet…):

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 9.53.57 AM

Always the sensitive type, McNabb labeled those who corrected him as “haters”:

No, shaking my head. Like in football, race qualifying can actually end in a tie. But we wouldn’t have expected McNabb to know that. 

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  1. when some one told me Danica was sitting on the pole this weekend, my first reaction was, “i bet she is”

  2. See Kyle, this. This here is the type of post that made you so popular as a blog. Keep this shit up.
    And thanks for bringing the comments back. It just wasn’t the same, man.

  3. hahaha, McNabb keeps inserting his foot in his mouth. Kyle, regardless of what “sportswriters” in this town have to say about you, your blogs continue to entertain and amuse.

  4. Wow lots of posts all of a sudden. Trying to bury the post below about David Murphy?

  5. My dick threw up chunky soup thinking of pageviews and honey mustard cum
    Kyle again can we please swap cum I want my child to be a fuckin’ champ

  6. have to agree with you DT! i dont quite get the level of personal hatred that people feel towards mcnabb. yes, he came up quite lame in some pretty big games and i would agree he underachieved and left us disappointed. however, he wasnt an awful person. i could understand if he had DUI or battery arrests on his record, if he had substance abuse problems that led to suspensions, if he didnt want to “practice” and quit on his team, etc. however, he did none of those things.

  7. Well, considering Donnie Drama wasn’t aware of the rules about overtime in the NFL, I can’t say it was a surprise he stuck his foot in his mouth regarding NASCAR. After all, saying dumb stuff is what he does best. But hey, according to Informed, I’m hating on McNabb. Go figure.

  8. ThePhillyFlash, ill be the first to say mcnabb is/was full of many faults and i was glad to see him traded as i knew his time here had run its course. believe me in that i was with you on those many sundays pulling my hair out when mcnabb was throwing wormburners. i like that you brought up the OT bungle of his because i still cant believe he was at that point in his NFL career and had no concept of how overtime worked. so, i agree that he is fully worthy of criticism and rightfully so. however, it just seems that many feel an abomination towards him and that i dont get. to me, there are other city athletes past and present who did far worse things off the field, accomplished far less things on the field, and yet they seem to be revered much more than mcnabb.

  9. Hey Kyle why don’t you just rename your blog “Philly Sports & Also I Hate Blacks”?
    By the way after Kyle spent a few weeks getting zilch page views he is going to post a lot of dumb shit in order to get reactionary comments. Does anyone really think the comments on the Murphy article mentioning how the 700 Level is a higher quality blog would not have been deleted before this debacle? Kyle is obviously trying to show someone “Look, people still visit my page! Please don’t make me get a real job!”.

  10. Won more playoff games than any other QB in Eagles history (won the same amount in one of several playoff seasons than Mike Vick has in his entire career), owns just about every QB record on the Eagles, one of two QBs to get them to the Super Bowl (in which he played much better than the first QB to get them there), saved the Eagles franchise from the much it had fallen into in the late 90s, family guy, no arrest record, donates hundres of thousands of dollars to local hospitals, sets up a neo-natal care center in South Jersey…yet he reads some sports report that Danica Patrick wins the pole position at Daytona and then mistakenly congratulates her on winning the actual race. What a dick. Continue with the crucifixion.

  11. Informed: Sorry about what I wrote, but McNabb irks me—-and I’m a fan! Always have been. I know he’s been a solid citizen from day one, everybody knows what a good guy he is, nobody needs to state the obvious, over and over and over, but he’s also a knucklehead with skin thinner than wet tissue paper as evidenced by this Daytona goof, and that irritates me even more because he can’t seem to keep from making a fool out of himself. But, for some damn fool reason, no one’s allowed to critize McNabb when he sticks his feet in his mouth and embarrasses himself like he did here, and that annoys me too. Perhaps McNabb will be revered here after a few years pass, but for right now, he’s a lightning rod because of his unintentional antics. Is that fair? No, that’s just the way it is.

  12. Because dumbass, #5 had complete control over making the Eagles and himself even better…his egotistical, insecure, politically correct corporate asskissing ass couldn’t share a locker room and a football and the home crowd cheers with TO. There was a fork in the road, and if McSucks would have welcomed and held onto TO with open arms, everything would have turned out different. McNabb McBlows

  13. Howie, D-mac along with the fat fucking walrus cost this city a superbowl. Because they are both fucking idiots.
    -the end-
    P.S. I like the dude as a player, he was a great QB. But his comments off the field have pretty much proven he’s just an insecure douchenozzle. Why not just come clean and say “Damn, I messed up.” over the Patrick tweets. Everyone would love that, but no, he has to try to pretend he knows alllll about something he obviously has no clue about. This is why people can’t stand him at times. “He was elite but never recognized because he was black”. As if no black men were ever praised in the NFL or something… SMH, personally he comes off as a Douchenozzle. And that’s his fault, nobody elses.

  14. I’ve never been a McNabb hater but I don’t consider him a class act as so many of the McNabb apologists on here have. He wasn’t the best QB but he also wasn’t the worst. He was never a leader and never took responsibilty for any the shortcomings of his play on the field as well as for the teams he suppose to be leading. He was always quick to place blame elsewhere. Never really seemed to understand the pulse of this city. And never and I mean never forgave the fans (aka the 30 idiots under the direction of Cataldi) who booed him on draft day. He wore that poor me attitude his whole career here which ultimately made him unlikeable. I enjoyed the good years he gave the Eagles. And sure, he has a lot of Eagles records and with Reids help led us on a very good run of quality football. But records and almost wins don’t translate in to greatness. McNabb was a good QB not a great one. And in this case not unlike so many other times when he was wrong or he failed and he just passed the buck what did he do when people corrected him? Yeah, he fired back with a haters tweet instead of getting his facts straight and correcting himself. Right…class act for sure.

  15. @Pussy Farts-
    “Finna to get some pussy”? If you’re gonna try to talk black, at least get it right, clown.

  16. C’mon ya’ll, we all know black people don’t watch NASCAR! Honest mistake and therefore he gets a pass from me.

  17. @ Informed
    Donovan is a class act, I don’t think any of the McNabb haters/critics are denying that. He was a nice, well-spoken, respectful person, and a semi-good player, though he wasn’t clutch, aware of the NFL rules, & not a top-tier QB, as we all already know.
    But the dislike for McNabb by many Philly fans is due to his passive-aggressive nature. The fact that he literally never admits fault/when he’s wrong, that he says things that can be annoying, & that still doesn’t think he made mistakes on the field as well, like for example, throwing up in the Superbowl, when 3-4 Eagles’ players in the huddle with McNabb physically saw him throw up. Proof right there.

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