Eagles Cheerleaders Once Again Covered By Wang

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And on the heels of two horrific seasons, the Eagles have decided that their cheerleaders need more Wang.

Vera Wang, speaking at some fashion event that I really don’t care about, said that she would “once again” be designing Eagles cheerleading costumes.

From WWD:

Self-effacing aside, the 63-year-old designer, an accomplished amateur figure skater, said her hectic work schedule leaves little time for nonbusiness travel or sports of any kind. Her nearly seven-year-old Simply Vera Vera Wang line at Kohl’s requires 12 deliveries a year, her signature ready-to-wear is four deliveries a year, and then there are bridal, crystal, fragrances, stationery, FDT floral arrangements and all the rest. After joking about the prospect of a deal for donuts, Wang said athletic clothing is an area she could bring a sense of fashion to. She will also be designing costumes again for the Philadelphia Eagles’ cheerleaders. Here are some other highlights.


Philly.com confirmed the story today:

"We are thrilled that we are continuing our relationship with Ms. Wang, one that we have had for ten years," the Philadelphia Eagles confirmed. The organization says the project is currently in the "very preliminary stages."


Wang, who is a friend of the Luries, designed the current cheerleaders getups in 2003. 

Can’t wait to see the new looks. Tighter? Spandsexier™? See-throughererer? BOTTOMLESS?! The possibilities are totally (rear) endless. 

via Business Journal

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