If You’re an NFL Team, You Want to Open on the Road Against the Eagles

Because in Philly it’s in vogue to talk about that one time our team played, beat or lost to the eventual champion.

The Eagles have played their home opener against the eventual Super Bowl champs in each of the past four seasons. Noted by The School Philly, who kind of predicted this in September: Since 2009 the Eagles have opened at home against the Super Bowl winning team that year. In 2009, the Saints beat the Eagles 48-22. In 2010, the Eagles lost their first home game against the Packers 27-20. In 2011, the Eagles lost their first home game to the New York Giants 29-16 

And now, the Ravens.

You know, if the Eagles open at home against the Chiefs next season………


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  1. true rollinsbrain, but the trolls needed to be gone. one of the reasons why i loved this site was the varying opinions of its readers. i liked reading all the different perspectives of people on this site and to chime in on debates. lately though, its been nothing but pure junk in the comments section. hardly anything of substance or merit. it was getting worse by the day. kyle was right to demand logins as it was a long time coming.

  2. I think the trolls added substance and a fun light-hearted mentality to the site. I enjoyed the fun banter and overly-aggressive remarks.
    Ever been to Philly.com – The city’s major newspaper has just as many trolls as serious comments on their site. What makes Crossingbroad any more reputable or better than philly.com?

  3. it will pick up again. I agree with the sign-in process, but it really only takes a minute to create a new gmail acct and be able to post, while keeping anonymous

  4. The funny thing about that stat, is that if proves correct, it’ll be impossible for the Eagles to ever win a Super Bowl!

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