Media: 97.5 The Fanatic Has a New Lineup, Super Bowl Ratings Highest in Eight Years in Philly

Some releases from local media outlets:

Changes to 97.5’s on-air lineup:

Current Fanatic hosts Jon Marks and Sean Brace will now host their own show from Noon-2PM (Monday-Friday). Current Fanatic host and NFL analyst, Brian Baldinger will host with Joe DeCamara, from 6-7PM (Monday-Friday).

Weekday Lineup:

6AM-10AM – Mike and Mike in the Morning

10AM-Noon – The Tony Bruno Show

Noon-2PM – Jon Marks and Sean Brace

2PM-6PM – The Mike Missanelli Show

6PM-7PM – Brian Baldinger and Joe DeCamara 

Jon Marks and Sean Brace's on air chemistry has been on display every Saturday morning for the past two years. The two young and up-and-coming sports talk hosts have created a fun and irreverent show that the Fanatic Philadelphia fans enjoy. 


Concur. I like Marks and Brace. 

Meanwhile, the Super Bowl was the most-watched in the Philly area since 2005, when Donovan McNabb threw up:

CBS 3’s broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII featuring the Baltimore Ravens 34-31 win over the San Francisco 49ers yesterday earned an average overnight household rating/share of 48.9/69, the highest-rated Super Bowl telecast in the Philadelphia market in eight years since the Eagles’ appearance in the 2005 Super Bowl.  More than 1.4 million local households tuned into the game last night.


Interestingingiginglylyly, Philly was only a hair below San Francisco, which wasn’t even in the top 10 markets last night.


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  1. Is there anyway to get Jason Ashworth off the air? That dude is the worst. Also, Reuben Frank tweeted that he’d beat Missanelli in the ratings if they went head to head. Your thoughts?

  2. And now there is absolutely no reason to ever visit this site again. The public comments were amusing in a train wreck kind of way. Enjoy your search for a real job in the near future.

  3. @Mr. Naseburns, i like reuben frank, but i dont think he wins in a head-to-head battle with miss. eskin can say all he wants about how he wanted to get back to TV, but it really came down to miss taking his ratings. ultimately, i only listen to miss because i find him to be the far lesser of two evils. the other evil being gargano and macnow.

  4. 97.5 has consistently underachieved in the ratings and its not that surprising.I am amazed that the stations heirarchy is still intact. Years and years of uninspiring product = blah ratings.
    Philadelphia is the 4th largest market in the country but much of 97.5’s on-air talent is more suited for the 204th biggest market in the country.
    With what 97.5 has to work with.Heres what i would do.
    Tony Bruno + Michael Bradley 10-12
    Baldy + Mayes 12-2
    Missaneli + Tom Burns 2-6
    Missanelli needs a co host.
    Go hire some of the part timers from WIP for the evening/weekends. Jolovits/Statare/Rube Frank etc etc..

  5. I have already set my radio for Mike and Mike in the morning – a real sports show and not the sideshow on WIP. My god how does anyone stand that obnoxious, no-nothing windbag Cataldi and his clueless crew? I would like it if they could borrow some of the real talent from WIP though like Rueben Frank, Ray Diddy and Brian Startare, who are great in the later hours.

    1. Couldn’t agree with u more concerning Rueben Frank. Id also like to add Hollis Thomas. Doesn’t pull his punches, knows all sports, and is funny.

      By the way is there any worse commercial than the cuz’s Primo commercial. U would think it was sex on a roll the way he carries on.

  6. Marks and brace blow. They are completely unlistenable as is all of sports talk radio. Maybe they can share stories on air about who gives mikey miss the better blow job

  7. Hey, Crossing Broad… can you please post footage of McNabb throwing up at the Super Bowl. Thanks. Funny it’s the most watched event of the year, and has the most cameras of any game in a respective season, yet no footage of McNabb throwing up exists? That’s odd.
    Also, Brace sucks. He speaks in sentence fragments, incomplete thoughts, and is not accustomed to using polysyllabic words. Also doesn’t have the whole “subject/predicate” thing down. He’s perfect for a Power 99 or Q102, but big-boy sports talk is not for him.

  8. I agree. I tried listening to these 2 for 5 months, and they truly are unlistenable. From their hard rock intro theme to the lack of quality of their voices, to their rehashing the same topic all week long, just unlistenable. Even the name of their program “The Jon & Sean Show” is completely uninspiring.

    1. Brace is the absolute worst. He has no sports knowledge, and flip flops off and on teams and players every day. Cuts callers off and talks non stop! Let the show breathe!!!!! I can’t listen to it anymore

  9. It’s almost a year now and I keep trying. I hate the other sports station but from Noon to two I have gone back. Brace is so grating to listen to that I can’t take it. It is like tuning in to a 14 year old with no knowledge or sense of history. His grammar is atrocious. Please bring in some adults for this time slot.

  10. Sean Brace can’t even pronounce the word “hundred.” He blows. And get a new profile pic… you look as stupid as Pat Gallen leaping for his remote control on Twitter.

  11. Fritz, why do you hate the other station… it’s intelligent sports talk, not pandering to the lowest common denominator, as The Fanatic does.

    By the way, I know Crossing Bored is on the Fanatic payroll, but if the editor had any stones he’d do a story on why ‘IP still kills 97.5 in the ratings. And it does!

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