The Eagles Re-Signed Michael Vick to a One-Year Deal

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The Eagles will once again have a mediocre quarterback in 2013. Maybe.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Eagles have re-signed Michael Vick to a one-year deal for 2013. No word on the numbers, but you can bet that Vick will be paid less than the $16 million Vick was due this year under his original contract.

Dave Spadaro seems to have been given the inside track on the news. Here’s what he posted on the Eagles’ website:

Chip Kelly has done his homework. He has studied enough of quarterback Michael Vick to think that Vick’s skill set can translate to what Kelly wants to do with this Eagles offense, and that’s why the Eagles and Vick have come to terms on a restructured contract for 2013 …

This is Chip Kelly’s team, and he has a vision for what he wants the Eagles to become. The vision revolves around the idea of competition at every position, and keeping Michael Vick for 2013 allows the Eagles to have a head start prior to free agency and the NFL draft.

The signing raises many questions, of course, and Kelly will answer them at his 1:30 p.m. press conference. Is Vick the guaranteed starter for 2013? What are the terms of the contract, which is reportedly a three-year deal? What kind of financial commitment did the Eagles make to Vick? What does this deal mean for what the Eagles think about Nick Foles, the second-year man who had some strong moments in his rookie season? Does this mean that the job comes down to Vick or Foles and that the Eagles won’t add a quarterback in free agency or the draft or even in a trade?


UPDATE: Jeff McLane reports that, technically, the Eagles and Vick re-structured a three-year deal, but the last two years will be voided on March 15.

This isn’t a huge surprise. Vick, when healthy, is an average quarterback, more than capable of running Kelly’s up-tempo offense. Foles never showed last year that he was ready to be a starter, and there aren’t many (any?) answers in the draft or free agency. Vick is a stopgap, a bridge to somewhere. I wrote the other day that he was probably the best option for the Eagles this season. That doesn’t mean he’s a good option, but he’s the best option. For now. There's still a chance that he doesn't make the team, but the new deal makes that more unlikely.

Schefter says the deal could be worth up to $10 million.


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  1. Funny thing about our fans here…
    If Vick was on the Bills or some other bullshit team, we’d be calling to bring him here because he’s a pretty good fit to Chip’s offense considering what’s out there.
    This is a new scheme – which mean’s it’s essentially a new team. Don’t be such fucking cocksuckers you idiots- give it a chance before you call for the coach’s goddamn head.

  2. i understand there is nothing coming by way of quarterback in the draft and free agency. also, i understand there are a number of question marks still surrounding foles, which means the eagles are concerned about having no “real” QB to start the season. however, that doesnt mean the eagles should panic and secure vick for another year. by no means am i a vick hater. i just irked that vick became the best option when he should have been no option at all. i dont see any upside to having him around…..his skill set is vastly diminished, he has aged tremendously in the last few years, and he simply cannot stay healthy! we rid ourselves of many of the reasons of why this team underperformed last year. this is one reason that should have been sent adrift as well.

  3. McNabb missed thee open guy on numerous occaisions; Vick can’t read defenses.
    Foles gets rid of the ball quick. not like Vick’s seven second chinese fire drill in the backfield.

  4. Before you all start running to the Walt Whitman to jump off, consider the fact that Andy Reid tried to make Michael Vick into something he never was. Andy would trot Mike out there behind that busted up offensive line and drop him back to pass over 60 times a week on average. He’d get hit 20 times a week. He was not effective in that scheme. That’s not to say he couldn’t be effective in THIS scheme. If he’s not, then it’s a one year deal and the team moves on.
    Consider the fact that we were honestly speculating that Alex Smith or Nick Foles would be the starting QB going into week 1…I’m sorry but that is a flat out joke.
    If Jason Peters and the rest of the o-line is healthy and they can add to it with a guy like Warmack/Fisher/Joeckel in the draft…this team could really surprise some people.

  5. Again, I don’t believe Vick is smart enough to make those split-second decisions that Kelly’s offense will assuredly force him to make.
    I hate thinking that this next season will be a wash.

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