The Flyers Have Traded for Simon Gagne

image from mobilwi.typepad.comGagne holding the cup with Flyers West teammates Mike Richards and Jeff Carter

THE FLYERS ARE LIKE A BAD METAPHOR FOR GODDAMN AMERICA– send their strongest warriors away during their prime, and then welcome them back as old, broken down shells of their former selves and roll them out for public appearances once they're of no use to society.

The Flyers have made a trade with their West Conference affiliate, the LA Kings, sending them a conditional fourth round pick in exchange for Simon Gagne, who is 32 and has only played in 45 games over the past two seasons in LA, where he won a Stanley Cup.

I love this organization.

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35 Responses

  1. They barely gave up anything to get him, so why not? Clearly not the big missing piece (big blueliner) we need, but a nice addition, especially with Matt Read out another month.

  2. Kyle I usually enjoy your posts but seriously… Flyers only lost a 4th round pick in exchange for a guy who knows the team and the area and regardless of injuries is still only 32. It certainly cant hurt us right now, last I checked we are 9-11-1 and other G, Voracek, Schenn, and Simmonds the point production is pretty small. I’m not saying Gagne is going to score 50 goals, but a change of scenery, especially a familiar one, may be exactly what he needs.

  3. best part of this post is easily the “i” in italics for or-gan-I-zation.
    and the analogy. fedetenko. knuble. gagne. i just hope Bundy Therien returns too.

  4. This comment belongs here, put on older post:
    Gave up not much for Gagne, who cares. You could put Kjell Samuelsson’s son out there and he’s better than some of the stiffs we have on the ice.
    Also, anyone else see what team Ray Emery is playing for right now? How about their record? What about his stats? Even though he’s back up, he still has 2.08 GAA and no losses.
    Proof that he’s good goalie, or proof he has a great team playing in front of him. I think it’s proof of a combo of both, so let’s just remember this is a team sport and while bryz gives up a shit ton of soft goals, the guys on the ice in front of him blow dude donkeys too.

  5. Some speculation on Twitter that this is a precursor to another move (Briere?).
    Depending on the return, I don’t know that I’d be upset giving up Briere. But a big time defenseman better be coming back.

  6. I like it. Solid depth pickup, he’ll put some pucks in the net. Not like we’re asking him to be a superstar again.

  7. We didn’t trade Gagne away in his prime, stop grouping him in with the Richards and Carter deals. His prime was 05-07 when he was scoring 40 plus goals a year. We traded him in 2010, after his 10th season, he then went on to score 17 goals for the Lightning.
    I agree bringing him back isn’t really going to make much of a difference but if you think Gagne was in the ‘prime’ of his career these past two seasons with the Lightning and Kings, you’re a complete idiot.

  8. They should Old Yeller Max Talbot….guy just needs to be left in a field in the midwest somewhere to rot…get him away from frozen water altogether

  9. We traded Gagne who had a $4.5 million cap hit and was coming off concussion problems. How do you define “prime”?

  10. How’s that metaphor? Are you talking about US manufacturing jobs?
    You loved the Flyers in 2010. I’ll bet that you’d be all over the Sixers if they were doing well.

  11. Im actually excited for this move, Gagne is only 32 which is far from being old in the NHL. Im curious on what line they will put him on.

  12. Another shit more by that drunk homer.
    Gagne is 1 or 2 more concussions away from being a vegetable like pronger & lappy.
    Mother fucker gagne should sue Eddie “xfinity live” Snider

  13. His concussion problems were from a large mass he had in his neck. He got it removed last summer and has been feeling in top shape ever since.

  14. You really have become a miserable fuck haven’t you? All the writers you have skewed and hated on in this city, and you’ve become just like them. If someone disagrees with you or calls you on something, then they are a “Flyers/Sixers/Phillies/Eagles Nut” – used to LOVE this site. Now it’s just a cesspool of negativity and butthurt posts.
    The Flyers give up a 4th round pick for a 32 year old veteran winger. Get off your high horse for 5 minutes and see it for what it is – a move to put a vet in the locker room that can chip in OR if healthy could be a steal. Low risk move – doesn’t need your “the sky is falling I miss Jeff Carter” crap.

  15. We trade away a 4th rounder for a guy who’s been a leader on this team before just days after everyone was blasting the Flyers for not having enough leadership. He could not score a point and this would be a positive move.

  16. Great move. Simon still has gas in the tank. and leadership. somehow, i don’t think Holmgren is done yet.
    Bryz is giving his all out there.
    it’s the guys in front of him. clear the porch; stay with your man.

  17. Kyle is butthurt that Homer traded the next Mike Testwuide for Simon Gagne
    get the net fuckface its a 4th round pick, can you even name one 4th round pick in the NHL without googling it?
    probably fucking not
    at least david murphy sticks to baseball, he knows what he knows. you post useless blog after useless blog, all the while your girls pussy is drying up at a faster acceleration.
    the ‘Gray’ comment really nails it. you were a little faggot who did okay pieces but now youre a little faggot who does nothing but copy and paste, and the occasional butthurt piece
    you said something about david murphy showing nothing but boobs and beer on his page, yet you continue daily to do the same fucking thing you flacid fuckin toad
    btw, boobs and beer are fuckin’ faggots compared to pussy and weed

  18. Veterans are useless. Spoiled rich kids who can quit their jobs and pretend to be journalists with no repercussion are what America’s all about!!!

  19. Once Veterans return home from war, they should be executed… I mean, they have no more use, why should they live? Same for atheletes when they retire, execute them too!

  20. I’ve defended you tooth and nail over the past couple of months but I’m fucking done. You are without a doubt the worst sports blogger in the history of the internet. Why can’t you ever be fucking happy about anything that happens in this city? Fuck you for not loving this Gagne trade, and fuck you for your total disrespect of soccer. I hope you lose all your sponsors, shut down the site and die of Lou Gehrig’s disease on your next birthday.

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